AOL Wont Be Sold

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Time Warner Head Says AOL Is the Company's Future
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Ok, so AOL is NOT for sale, but don't discount the MSN thing just yet. There may well still be MSN results on AOL.

The chairman of Time Warner, Richard D. Parsons, said yesterday that improving the company's America Online Internet business was a priority as he tries to bolster the share price - signaling a tweak in strategy and a belief that the stigma of the AOL-Time Warner merger is finally a thing of the past.
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Richard Parsons is the chief executive Time Warner.
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Mr. Parsons indicated that amid pressure from Carl C. Icahn, the financier and Time Warner shareholder, he was "looking real hard" at moves like buying back more stock and increasing the dividend.


AOL Wont Be Sold

... but they might still be bought *lol*


Agreed Claus, not the first time a company has been bought that didnt want to be ;O), plus it doesn't mean that there wont be a joint venture either. MSN doesnt want "AOL", they want their customer base and traffic. There are a few ways to skin that particular cat ;O)

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