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Findory RSS reader, part II
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Findory's Greg Linden tells us that they've launched an RSS Reader. Not only that though, they've gone out of their way to make it quick to switch from Bloglines to the new reader, and claim it's FAST. Well Greg, of course it's fast, nobody's using it yet right?

Fair play to them though, that's a bold statement to make and you'd hope they'll live up to it. Thing is, i've been considering going back to an online aggregator for a few weeks now - my OPML list is so big now that my linux reader of choice, Liferea is becoming a system drain - and it's NOT a weedy machine you know?

Here's what he had to say

Like some other RSS readers, we show which feeds have new articles, the new articles in each feed, and which articles you have clicked on.

Unlike many other RSS readers, we're fast, very fast.

Unlike all other RSS readers, Findory shows related articles for every feed, surfacing interesting news articles and weblog posts that you wouldn't have found on your own.

Unlike all other RSS readers, there's no need to laboriously click and skim, click and skim. It's easy to find the most interesting articles. Try clicking "My Top Stories" to see recommended recent articles from your favorite feeds picked based on the articles you read in the past. It's the most important, most recent, most interesting articles surfaced for you from your favorite feeds.

Unlike all other RSS readers, everything you read changes your Findory front page, helping you discover articles from sources you didn't even know existed.

Unlike all other RSS readers, Findory works well for people with hundreds or even thousands of feeds. One of our main test cases was good ol' Robert Scoble and his 1029 feeds. Hope you like it, Robert!

Only 1029 Robert? Lightweight... hehe


hmmmm... after importing my

hmmmm... after importing my opml, it doesn't seem to have my feeds listed in folders..

That's no good, i like to prioritize certain groups of feeds.


Hmm... I'll have to try that

I finally gave up a few weeks ago on using Bloglines as my primary reader. Too slow, and the UI... simply abysmal! So far, I've been thrilled with the Windows-based reader NewzCrawler, which includes podcast and Usenet support among other coolness, but it seems that Findory's offering may present some interesting options as well. I've not really played with Findory before, but I do know that journalist and Googleblogger Nathan Weinberg is quite thrilled with that site.

Argh, what a mess! Completely unintuitive. I couldn't figure out how to easily add a feed, and when I searched for my own blog, I could only see short summaries, not full text of entries. And no ajax for re-ordering feeds and such? Thanks but no thanks.


Am I the only one who uses Sage? It's simple, it works, and I've got no complaints. I don't subscribe to hundreds of feeds, so maybe I'm just unaware of its limitations.

Once you get up around a few

Once you get up around a few hundred feeds, it no worky qwerty...

at least that's why I stopped using it..

Dare I ask where you find

Dare I ask where you find the time to keep up with a few hundred feeds?

Im a postaholic, i have to

Im a postaholic, i have to read to post. As a result of this terrible addiction i've lost any hope of a social life outside of Ivana, Robyn the dogs cat and chickens, and the ability to laugh properly - I actually SAY "hehehe!" - sad , but true. On the plus side, i can now do at least 7 things at once, each one of them badly, and am seriously thinking of entering the world speed reading championships :)

I still like an online

I still like an online aggregator. I still use Bloglines and am fairly happy with it. Sounds like Findatory is no better as anyone tried Rojo or any of the others?

same as nick

no folders, no go for me. Too many feeds, I need to have them in folders so I can prioritise which ones I read on a particular topic. It even rearranged them alphabetically!!!!

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