Websourced Fire Top Execs

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Websourced fires 2 executives
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Websourced, the focus of many recent rumours over the shape of their company, or lack thereof, have fired Jeff Martin and Mark Campaugh according to North Carolina's News Observer. The revelation isn't really much of one i guess, despite attempts to quell online speculation, it's been been pretty common knowlege for a little while now that there's some trouble at the top...

Mike, i was going to answer your question in full this week, but it just never happend. So i'll give you the short answer here:

There's enough smoke to suggest a fire...

thanks to stever for the link!


Nick,> There's enough smoke


> There's enough smoke to suggest a fire...

I never said there wasn't any smoke. You were just talking about the wrong kind of fire, that's all.

A straight forward, internal corporate clearout, which is what is actually happening, as I think I was alluding to, is not quite the feds blasting the doors off the building and arresting the staff.

Let's have a beer in London, next week at PubCon, and I'll give you all the real facts ;-)



"said Xavier Hermosillo, spokesman for the company "

Old Xavier, that devoted TW reader, is having a busy week!

Did you notice this?

This is the funniest thing I've read in awhile:

Smaller WebSourced clients who signed up for 12-month contracts had so much success in the first few months that they chose not to continue and halted payments, the company reported.

Yeah right!

ACME Financial Advisors

have recently upgraded THK to a "strong, strong buy" ;-)

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