Rumour: Yahoo! Considering Contextual Ads for Publishers

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Yahoo Contextual Ads Coming Soon
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Will Yahoo! battle Googles Adsense in contextual advertising?

I just came across this wmw thread linked above where growingdigital says:

I recently logged into my Yahoo hosting account and took a survey to determine whether or not I was interested in placing contextual ads on my site. They also mentioned a Yahoo search box. It looks like this product is still in the early stages of development for all those interested...

chit chat speculation abounds in the thread of course over how much of a threat it would be to Adsense if Y! and MSN both launched into the contextual ad frenzy we're starting to see. I hope they do do somthing like this personally, it'd be cool :-)

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Hopefully it wil come soon

The more choice in the market the better, threadwatch has already reported overture and rss and this is very similar.

hey tim

havnt forgotten about that invoice, its just been over a year since we had to send one out :) gotta play with openoffice and make sure it comes out suitable for MS heh...

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