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Interlinking Circle of Sites
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So, reciprocal linking has been deader than dead for quite a while. Can circular linking and other network patterns make a difference for ranking sites now or are the engines getting just too good at spotting unnatural linking patterns and networks?

That's what's being discussed in the WPW thread linked above, jawn_tech starts out with this:

it was proposed that some sidestep reciprocal linking by creating a 'network' of sites. For example, Site A links to Site B, and B to Site C, and C to Site A. Or perhaps, the circle could/should be larger. (A,B,C,D,E,F, etc.)

Has anyone seen any new evidence where SE's acknowledged such a structure with negative consequences, or is this a legitimate linking strategy for human benefit?

It's a pretty good thread started on nov 4th but recently picked up again. Worth a look...

Anyone care to predict the future of link strategies?


the million$ question is

whether or not they're "penalized" or simply given little to no weight as far as SERP's are concerned. This is a very important distinction.

all those little webrings full of totally innocent hobbiests don't deserve penalties. Although I suspect there are already webring spammers guerilla marketing viagra in some of them.

The only way I can see to differentiate between professional linking and webrings is see how many of them a site belongs to. Is multiple rings likely to mean a pro's at work? Tricky for the SE's to be in any way fair with an automated system surely?

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