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Is it only me that finds the whole "Ask John, Ask Jason, etc" columns just a little bit icky? Jason is the latest in a long line of these things, and i have to say, i NEVER read them, I won't click the damn things on general principle - there's just something really horrid about them, and I can't quite put my finger on it...

btw, the title was especially for Jason

Sure, we deal with over aggressive, immature, and in some the some cases mentally disturbed folks going to town from time to time



Dear underpants.

1. I'm thinking of starting my own tech and marketing site - forums, blogs, the usual. How fucking important is it to swear? And just how the fuck high does the bar need to be set?

2. The forum. I'm sure it'll, like, take, like, some time before people come to post. I though't I'd kickstart things by posting in multiple voices, but, again, the swearing; do I have to take a fuckin' global approach? You rock, you suck, you're a twat, wize up, blimey guv, jellied eels, that sort of thing? Or does one fuck fit all?

3. SE reps. Fuck 'am all, or a gradual state of attrition and winding-up?

4. Can you send me your bad-words filter list? No need to zip it up, my bandwidth can take it.

5. Thanks, and keep it real.

Dear Underpants

Jason hasn't replied to my gripes in an earlier post against his accusations that people are stealing his html and designs, can you answer this for me :-)

yeah, you gotta do lots of

yeah, you gotta do lots of swearin' mat, cos it's big and cool innit?

This guy, i forget who it is :( has a good take on Jason

Pompous is a good word...


People come to my blog to hear about Weblogs, Inc.

I blog about what we're learning and where the company is going... if that's not to your liking you don't have to come to the site.

The other 5-10k folks who come every day seem to really like the feature... and I'm really getting some great feedback.

So, yes it sounds silly to have an "Ask Nick" column, but it's sort of done with a wink. Not surprised that you missed that Nick... I know you're not the sharpest knife in the kitchen (zing!).

best j

Nice of you to prove my

Nice of you to prove my point in it's entirety jason :)

Moving on, and back to swearing: Almost Before We Spoke, We Swore makes for interesting reading...

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