Google Secure Access - All of Your Traffic is Belong to Us!

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Google Pulls The Other Leg With Secure Access
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Oh boy, you thought Web Accelerator was scary? Get a load of Google Secure Access, a new program to secure your wifi connection for you.

From the FAQ

If you choose to use Google Secure Access, your internet traffic will be encrypted and sent through Google's servers to the Internet. The data that is received will then be encrypted and sent back through our servers to your computer. Your privacy is important to us, we strongly encourage you to read our Privacy Policy to be fully informed about how your privacy is protected.

and from the privacy policy

Google may log some information from your web page requests as may the websites that you visit. We do this to understand how Google Secure Access is being used and to improve our services. Google Secure Access does not log cookies and strips potentially sensitive query data from the end of requests to help better protect your privacy.

Google also logs a small set of non-personally identifiable information -- such as routing information, session durations and operating system and Google Secure Access client version numbers -- in order to create your Google Secure Access connection, understand how people are using Google Secure Access and help us maintain the Google Secure Access client.

Nathan states the obvious conclusion

While this may be a legitimate attempt by a single engineer to secure data, the fact is that routing massive net traffic through Google’s servers is a huge financial undertaking. And in any situation, you must always follow the money. Since the program and service is free the only conclusion is that Google is trying, once again, to get its hands on all of your internet traffic for data collection purposes.

Ok Larry, we couldn't get the bastards data with GWA, you reckon we can get 'em with GSA?

Sure Serg, they're pretty stooopid.


I almost forgot, when

I almost forgot, when contemplating this, you need to take GoogleNet into consideration also.

I just don't see any use for

I just don't see any use for it - plain and simple. It's a solution to a non-problem.

Its really very brilliant

Aren't they suppose to be rolling out some sort of US wide internet network? what better way then to test some of the things they'll be using with their uber-secret network than to get the plebs to use the software in the wild to see that it works. they are, after all, using the word "Beta" for this little thing.

It IS brilliant

It IS brilliant coz it's a solution for the 'last mile'.

>>last mile This is exactly

>>last mile

This is exactly how I would solve that last mile problem, with a sort of municipal wi-fi network. Why hardwire the houses when you can hang a wireless access point on a telephone pole? This could be critical for expanding broadband to many suburban and semi-rural areas.

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