Surprise Surprise! Websourced CEO Resigns

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No surprises to learn that Websourced CEO Pat Martin has resigned today. At least, that's what Barry says. I assume the little bird that was flitting round my tree got bored and is now busy IM'ing Barry all the gossip heh!

You'll remember that we talked about the dept. of revenue taking a keen interest in the groups financials earlier in the month where Mike Grehan put a brave face on the situation. In fact, it appears Mike may have known nothing about it at all (no fault of his).

Here are some excerpts from an IM session with Agent X, someone "in the know" dated 15th Sept (thursday last week)

Pat Martin is no longer running the show at websourced, instead the COO George ... is in charge. George told the wbs employees that Pat could be coming into the office but nobody is allowed to talk with him and he cannot talk with anyone else. He will be working in a vaccuum and is not to be disturbed by anyone.

And the THK COO is running the show up there and looking into the processes Pat had in place.

And that they needed to look at the processes without Pat's involvement.

The resignation is just one of a list of high profile personel losses for the beleagured SEM firm - Now we just wait and see what else comes out of the woodwork i guess...


>> what else comes out of

>> what else comes out of the woodwork

Woodworms, usually...

anyone seen

Boiler room?

I dont say, SEW forum member

I dont say, SEW forum member says. No idea who that member is.

"WebSourced Says ThreadWatch Blog All Wrong"

Curious one this

Google news has this article from WebProNews on their abstract, but the page does not exist at WebProNews so I have no idea what the source really is (or is not)

WebSourced Says ThreadWatch Blog All Wrong
WebProNews, KY - 1 hour ago
WebSourced CEO Pat Martin has not resigned according to WebSourced. Recent rumors floating around the blogosphere reported he had ...

Oops here is the link

WebProNews article

Xavier Hermosillo, a member of the Board of Directors of WebSourced parent company ThingPartnershipInc and President of CrisisPros, told WebProNews, "Pat Martin has not resigned. He requested time off so we gave it to him. He's not told us he's resigned."
"ThreadWatch is one of the last places you'd want to look for accurate information, Last week they said we were being raided and mentioned cooking the books. They also said ‘the CFO was eyeing the door nervously.' Everything on ThreadWatch is absolute lies and I don't respond to lies. Someone, somewhere is feeding them bogus information or they're making it up. We were not raided. Two young auditors came and did their thing and it took about three hours and then they left."

Make what that what you will. Looks as if TW was right!!

I think he misspoke

he meant to say, "Think Partnership is one of the last places you'd want to look for accurate information."


erm, tough crowd...

this guy is great!

"Everything on ThreadWatch is absolute lies and I don't respond to lies."

Everything an idiot says is stated in hyperbolic absolutes. Always, no exceptions.


"I don't respond to lies."

"... which is why I've granted an interview to this third-rate emarketing news publication."

That's pretty funny :) We

That's pretty funny :)

We don't respond to lies Xavier whatshisface responded as he paced the room all red faced and angry...

Wonder why that dumb MF never printed the comment he asked for from me?

"Threadwatch hears many rumours, we always try to preface any story we hear about but have no direct proof of with "Rumour". Some we publish and some we dont. For example, the rumour about Xavier Hermosillo and the walrus tickling incident was dismissed out of hand..."

Rustybrick's link is to this at SEW

SEW forum

where a "former Websourced employee" says, among other things

Word has it that Director of Sales Scott Gardner left
the company today, shortly after 7 sales reps were
fired. More terminations may be planned for this week
and the CFO is eyeing the door nervously."

Looks as if a lot of them are going to have more time with their families, and get a bit of gardening done.

You would think that Xavier would keep his head down and hope it all blew over, without pouring more petrol on the fire that is burning.

Isn't that just the best

Isn't that just the best entertainment though cw? What would we do without PR fuckwits to laugh at?

He could either do as you said or, he could turn it into a PR triumph if they had any real skill.

Websourced has had a few hiccups
Phew! It's been a hell of a couple of weeks here at Websourced, we've had a few people leave, we've fired a few, we've had bloggers speculating about what we're up to and to be frank, we're exhausted, but over the moon!

Let me explain...

<insert bullshit here>

easy peasy

"he could turn it into a PR triumph "


It's something that Google are only just starting to learn, too.

Certainly effing and blinding, and throwing chairs, is not a good idea.

And a Tag Line is Born

I Love It:

the last places you'd want to look for accurate information

already taken

the last places you'd want to look for accurate information

sorry, the semantic algo already equates that as equivalent to

miserable failure

I like that a lot better

I like that a lot better than "marketing and technology discussed" actually :)


Threadwatch; "making scandal, rumours and lies more fun"

stingey bastards

Ah, but the "walrus tickling

Ah, but the "walrus tickling incident" did make it in :-)

Braveface: Part two.


I'm all for free press and everything, but come on. This is crap about Websourced. I'm on the inside (but really, not a disgruntled employee) and you have my email address. Have my telephone number… In fact, pop round to my house with the wife, and that sooo cute baby of yours and talk to me. We've met. We actually know each other!

Next week, I'll be speaking at MIXX in New York, on behalf of Websourced. Notice, the same week I'll be speaking at Ad:Tech, London, on behalf of Websourced.

I'll be in Sweden for Chris Sherman in October (on behalf of Websourced) I'll be at Ad:Tech, New York, in November (on behalf of Websourced) , I'll be at Ad:Tech Shanghai in November (on behalf of Websourced) and I'll end up the year in December at SES Chicago… on behalf of Websourced.

Do you honestly (and I do ask, honestly) think that there's anything more than a boardroom shuffle going on?

Who's on the inside?

I am, actually.



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