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Myriad Search / Free Authority Finder launched
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Aaron Wall of SEO Book has launched a tooled-up meta-search engine called Myriad Search. Not only does it provide research results from the biggest four search engines together - but also allows you to modify the individual influence of each search engine on your results.

You can then use these results to locate sites consistently rated as authorative across search engines, based on the keyword string being searched for.

This is an interesting project, because not only does it serve as an interesting tool for SEO research, but it also acts as a great meta-search engine in it's own right.

One of the more inspired aspects is the ability to modify the influence of any single search engine on the results - which in effect allows a personalised search user experience selecting from the best of the different search technology providers out there.

It's not often that a SEO tool is so useful as a user experience in its own right, and this one oozes potential.


Nice Name

Needs a logo.

THAT is the first thing I

THAT is the first thing I said :)

It's lovely, but man... I was waiting till he'd done one to post about it, but Aaron posted on his own site, so it's no secret i guess..

Good tool

thanks a ton Nick

off to buy a logo (although my best logo designer is usually a bit random at best in his availability)

you guys think it needs a tagline as well?

EVERYTHING Seriously, it's a


Seriously, it's a neat tool, but it needs to LOOK like a neat tool you know?


Seeing as we're doing a wishlist heh...

How about centering that now, and putting a good dollop of whitespace above and below the search box?


think it is centered now.

on the home page I spaced out the search box as you suggested. on the results page they are still tightly together to minimize page length. good / bad call?

Goog SERPS are annoying

In which part of the world are you hosting it, Aaron?

Am I the only one that finds that Google SERPS are becoming increasingly annoying when used in tools?

If I try one tool I get one set of SERPS, if I try another tool I get another. If I use Google web search with one IP I get a third set and a forth set with another IP, although sometimes I get identical results when searching from (IPs from) two different parts of the world.

This tool is no different: The Google SERPs don't look like those on Dogpile or on the McDar tool to me, yet those two look similar but still different from a web search on which is still different from, say,

Perhaps it's just us "internationally challenged" people -- non-US citizens -- that notice it?


Nice tool though and I totally agree that it's useful as a metasearch engine - I was actually trying to figure out how to make a simple 4 way metasearch as a Gadget when I saw this post, but now I guess I don't have to *lol* Also, the CSV-exports are great. And, although we already knew that it's still interesting to see just how little the engines have in common.

I think it is hosted in the

I think it is hosted in the US.

Not wanting to get the interface too messy, but it might be doable to use regional indexes (although I would have to look at the API stuff more).

I am sorta curious if it would be worth it to see if I can add Gigablast & WiseNut.

I think it's great

One small complaint: for those of us who are slightly color-deficient, the backgrounds for Ask and Yahoo are a bit too similar.

agreed on the colors thing

a bit too similar.

yeah...I thought so too. My coder friend is as hardheaded as I am though, so he talked me out of him changing them. I will point him at this thread so he can see what people want. I think those colors should be a bit further from one another as well.

I agree on the colors, that was my first thought.

How about making one of them a nice #FFFFCC?

I really like the way you can compare so many bits in one search. Good info - quick, very nice.


Thanks Lisa

Thanks Lisa
color fixed :)

am thinking I should maybe number the results as well.

Nice tool!

You might want to check out colour theory to develop the visual aspect

The theory

The tool – This one’s great, trust me ;)

What you will find is that the more people use it the more difficult it is to please everyone. Try a neutral look.

Good One

Nice one Aaron - you keep nailing 'em.
I really like the "BIAS" feature so a user may determine the importance of each SE and decrease the engine/s that aren't relevant to the search.
You may add numeration to the results and allow more results in every tab of the interface (I really forgot how a 10 results serp look like).
Thanks, RESPECT :-)

I think the option of adding

I think the option of adding Gigablast and Wisenut would be nice.

Simplicity works well at the

Simplicity works well at the moment - I have to say I really love this project as a meta-search engine in its own right.

As an end-user, I might even be tempted to say that it delivers the most relevant search results of any engine. The ability to tweak bias is inspired.

am thinking I should maybe number the results as well


And the yellow's a big improvement. Thanks.


On my monitor the yellow one is the only one that's really visible. Didn't even notice it had color until the yellow was added. The green-ish one for Google is just a merely visible shade, but I can't see the other two at all unless I look at my screeen from a really weird angle (buttom-up) - that way they become pink-ish and blue-ish.

My screen is an LCD monitor and that's with the default settings.

[five minutes later]

Now I've messed thoroughly with phase, brightness, color temperature, contrast and all kinds of stuff and i see the colors clearly now :-)

One final suggestion:

On this search you will see that the order of the colors in snippets are not the same. On result one it's Ask first, on result two it's Google first, on result three it's Yahoo first.

The order of the snippets should be the same as the order of the boxes at the top of the page, which should be the same order as the tabs.
I don't really care if it's alphabetical or something else, as long as it's consistent - it seems somehow the order of the snippets has been randomized here, and that makes "reading by habit" or "understanding by pattern" harder.

Hey Aaron, I'm still trying

Hey Aaron,

I'm still trying to figure the damn thing out and I'm not really sure what I'm looking at when I get the results. Can you put up an example and explain what I am looking at?

Nice tool Aaron, one

Nice tool Aaron, one question:

- There is something wrong with the total number of results in Google (Yahoo too).
For example for [seobook] Myriad gives only 402 when there are 146.000 in google. Yahoo 8013 vs 371.000 (msn and ask are ok)

sometimes the search engines

sometimes the search engines chose to random or wrong databases sizes when you use their APIs... MSN & Ask have their result counts pulled from live search results (since Ask does not have an API and MSN did not place that number in the RSS search results).

Sometimes the database count sizes are right on and sometimes they are a bit spotty. I am not sure if there is a good way to make those match what is on the regular serps, which are also a bit screwy sometimes. The API results tend to show what is shown if you dig through the search results (where they sometimes filter out some results), while the numbers given from the search engines directly tend to be a bit inflated sometimes (as part of the biggest = best game which Google recently denounced).

The info mentioned below on this comment will likely change over time, but...

Google shows 146,000 for SeoBook, but as you dig in eventually they cut you off. They will show you the first 400, but then when you go to the next page it sends you back to 351 and cuts you off at 354, asking if you would like to repeat the search with the omitted results included.

I am working on the examples page Grnidone.

example page

Can you put up an example and explain what I am looking at?

does this examples page help Grnidone?

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