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A little high profile SEO work to be done at by 360i according to AdWeek: " said it has hired a specialist to help it appear higher in search results, a sign of the growing importance of search engines to news publishers."



I'm always surprised when these SEO companies announce their clients. Seems surprising that the client would allow that. Maybe they get a huge discount or something?

What I learned over time is

What I learned over time is that the more attention you put on your SEO-work the higher the risks are :)

I've heard through the

I've heard through the grapevine that DaveN turned them down, apparently they're fucked in Google and don't pass PR...

LOL, when rejected by the best....

go talk to the rest. I looked at the 360i site, and the "careers" section. You know what? They don't have 1 opening for an actual SEO. Must be nice having all the talent you need already on board, eh?

Another SEO firm *used* to do the work on

Way back in the day, outsourced their SEO to Avenue A - who then sold it on performance (pay per click auto generated spam) back in 2000 / 2001.

About a year ago, I saw an SEO firm linked from their footer with the seo firm's link text in the link back to their site...and know what? At the time, that firm ranked for "keyword phrase" that was in the footer link.

Would be amazed if Forbes started doing something less blackhat now, given the history...

Some people and even companies never learn, despite the evidence that their strategy could use some work.

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