Google goes Porn - What is Bret Tabke doing?

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Why Google hires sexy chicks
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I found a nice little story related to Google's new Porno website "Grotica". In reading what I could find out about it, I was able to confirm that the brand new, porn domain, was LOW AND BEHOLD registered by my favorite, Bret Tabke of Webmaster World, just yesterday. Interesting, I recall that he also, has registered

Added by Nick: It might actually be a false whois :)



BT said it was him in the mods area at webmasterworld.

That's pretty funny brett, well done.


Grotica? With a brandname like that, is it tailored to unwashed mature East Germans?



Eeeew, RC!

Eeeew, RC!

is that for real?

That press release is a fake, isn't it?


At the bottom of the PR it says "submitted by: Steve Langdon. If you click that link, you get a drive-by download of's PExit.dll

Ok ladies, put down your tea cups

I saw the link to the the press release about Grotica but you guys are so slow you don't know an opportunity when you see it. Brett was faster than me in buying the domain. There's nothing else to that story.

As far as Brett buying the threadwatch variants, Nick, you're my friend but I have to tell it the way it is: it's your fault for being sloppy and not buying the alternates. Brand protection 101. Brett only bought it to turn it over to Nick. There's nothing else to that story (beyond the subsequent and ongoing poo-poo throwing).

Ok, ladies, back to tea.

>Brett only bought it to

>Brett only bought it to turn it over to Nick.

Fair enough, Martini, so why hasn't he done it?

I like the dot-org nomenclature

But then, I'm prejudiced.

so why hasn't he done it?

There's a proverb in the Old Testament about not getting between two dogs when they're fighting. This is one of those situations.

Ok, ladies, back to tea

For your information I ain't no lady and I dont drink tea and I certainly would not use those word you used on your post above on an open forum to advise a "FRIEND" he has made a mistake whether he has or not

Now correct me if I am wrong but on this thread Nick has been very well behaved about the situation of which we all are aware of but again your posts defines to me what you would call "shit stiring" between two people, one of which has the personality of a card board box and the other one has a large following of "loyal" webmasters who meet up on a regular basis...

Oh and just for the record I have got between two fighting dogs and broke a fight up on more than one occasion and both dogs went back to their owners with their tails between their legs

Disclaimer:- No animals were injured durung the typing of the above comment...

Oh Dear

There's a proverb in the Old Testament about not getting between two dogs when they're fighting. This is one of those situations.


There is another saying 'don't come to gunfight armed with a sword'.

In this case first Brett, and now yourself, made the basic error of starting a fight that you cannot win. Check your facts and prepare your arguments carefully before jumping in.

You appear to have done neither.

But that, as I recall, was always one of the reasons I disliked your posts over at WMW, so I guess I shouldn't be shocked.

Brett was caught with his pants down on that one, had his butt kicked and couldn't provide any defense that wasn't rooted in the 'all other forums are my enemy' and schoolboy sniggering point scoring.

Put down your Martini Glass, the bar is closed, time to go home.

This thread needs...

More Cowbell !!


...what does that mean? Independent (i.e. Swiss) moderation? Pointless loud stuff echoing between mountain tops? Sorry, I don't get it. FWIW, I don't get why people feel the need to get into this old "thing" again. After all it was either personal or a case of bad communication and either way it's none of our respective businesses really.

AFAICR This thread was originally about "Grotica". Does anybody know FOR SURE if this is for real or not? Sounds a bit like a persiflage to me, but I may be too harsh. ;-)

sorry reference

to a Saturday Night Live skit

Check your facts

I am privy to more information than you are, 4eyes.

As a mod I had behind the scenes information that made it clear that Brett bought the domains to give back to Nick. That is a fact. 4eyes, when it comes to facts, I have more information than you.

Whether Brett subsequently got pissed at the thread over here and thought screw it I'm keeping the domains, I don't know, nor have I ever contended to know, as I've never had the gossipy urge to ask him.

>>>After all it was either personal or a case of bad communication and either way it's none of our respective businesses really.

Precisely. That's the sanest thing in this thread, although I have to admit to enjoying the dog wrestling act and the cowbells.

As far as Grotica, it's a hoax. I have no clue who perpetrated it, though.


...but I still don't know that "cowbells" means (duh, I'm foreign hehe)

I am privy to more

I am privy to more information than you are, 4eyes.

Really, think so?

'Fraid not old chap.

I, and many other members here, were mods and admins 'over there' way before you were, not that it makes much difference. However I learned many things whilst there, two of which are very pertinent to this thread:

1/. Don't trust that you are being told the truth.
2/. Don't trust the fact that what is said in the mods forum is kept private.

More importantly, you seem to have failed to comprehend the information that was out in the open here. Go back and read it again. Then ask yourself why the attempts to contact Nick failed.

As for your other comments - well, you were the one who came to wrestle dogs - trying to jump rapidly onto the moral high ground and point at others just doesn't work. You came here to stir the shit, now it seems you fell in - just swim to the edge and leave quietly. Drawing attention to yourself will just encourage everyone to carry on laughing at you.

Wanna keep arguing? Feel free, but check your facts first, and don't be tempted to try to 'bluff it out', you really ARE out of your depth on this one - there is an awful lot of background to this that is seems you do not know. Perhaps it all happened before you were a mod, after all, you were one of the 'latecomer mods'.

Oh yeah, one last thing..

That is a fact.

Then you don't know what 'fact' means.

The fact is, I was there

The fact is, I was there behind the scenes when it happened and you were not.

As for the backstory, I'm well aware of it. Sorry if your personal animosities color your perceptions. That's too bad.

It's a crappy way to live, but that's your personal problem, and it's untruthful to drag that in and present your colored conclusions as fact when they're conjecture and presumptions.

As far as stepping in shit is concerned, if hatred for Brett/Webmasterworld is part of the glue that binds this community (and it seems for some people it might be), then indeed I have stepped in shit. Sorry that you make it personal like that 4eyes.


Okay, so i've sat by and watched this one play out, and it's been kind of fun, but enough is enough.

Martinibuster, 4eyes is right when he says you started this. Allow me to finish it.

>>Brand protection 101

Spot on.

What we're missing here though is, I didn't write this thread, and haven't participated in it in any major way untill now. I really couldn't give a flying fuck what Brett wants to do with - It's a weird little game to play, but he can play with himself as far as im concerned.

Threadwatch is what Threadwatch is - A community of like-minded friends that like to pick holes in the Search industry and talk about geeky stuff in general. We've been picked up by the Times, Guardian, been on the Alexa homepage, break more news than any other industry website and get more recognition than many places that have been around a lot longer.

None of that matters though. It's all bollocks in the end. What matters is what we say here, and how we say it. Threadwatch does whatever it damn well pleases. Fuck Google, fuck Yahoo, fuck MSN and fuck you. Get it?

It's not about Threadwatch, it's about people. We could move this shit to any domain we wanted to, we could call it and it'd make no difference.

So, let Brett do whatever he wants. It's not important.

Frankly, I've never considered WebmasterWorld to be in competition with Threadwatch, i suspect he sees it differently, but it takes differnt strokes, and that's ok.

Some Facts
Just to put the record straight for any not familiar with the little farce that when on back at the beginning of this year:

  • In February of this year, Brett Tabke registered
  • A thread was posted here of course (I can't remember who discovered it..)
  • Brett turned up in the comments, posting under the name of neoseo - he said all was cool, he was just saving it for me.
  • When he was not greeted with universal applause, in fact, some members challenged his statements quite convincingly (see the whole thread) he appeared to change his tune. At this point, a few folks were going "uh huh..."
  • He then said he could not transfer it "now"
  • So, i opened an account with his registrar, and asked them if we could transfer the domain from one acccount to the other. They said sure, no problem. Here's the post i made telling Bret this
  • Brett was sent at least a half dozen sticky mails regarding how to transfer the domain at WebmasterWorld by members and moderators of his forums
  • remains registered with him some eight months later.

Like I said, this really isn't a big deal for me. But I would like to set the record straight, particularly in light of your antagonistic, uninformed comments Martinibuster.

Remember what i said about people?

Threadwatch members can smell a fraud at 50 paces.

Sorry that you make it

Sorry that you make it personal like that 4eyes.

Never personal. Always responding to misinformation spread by you.

You don't know what went on with the backstory, you weren't there when it happened, and you weren't behind the scenes when the event happened either. You were in a mods forum and were told a story which you chose to believe. Their are two 'behind the scenes' in this story, you were in neither - just told about one.

Sorry you feel the need to pretend to not understand what really went on.

One of the nice things about TW.. that this type of discussion can take place, and whilst Nick does not solicit personal criticism of the way TW is managed, he will take it. And others can get stuck in too without "Threadwatch Member Guidelines" being invoked too often.

Great thread this one for brightening up a Sunday afternoon!

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