Fresh Speculation on Google Wallet

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Google To Launch PayPal Alternative Soon?
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Although Silicon seem to have suffered temporary amnesia and forgotten that Google supposed rival to PayPal was actually news from June this year, and that Schmidt has said that it will not compete with PayPal, more rumours are emerging about the so called "Google Wallet".

According to a report in the New York Times, speculation about the new payment service arose following discussion at a conference held by analyst house Piper Jaffray, where the chief executive of a major online retailer spilled the beans.

The CEO, who spoke under condition of anonymity, said Google had approached his company to take part in the online payments service.

It's not much, but it may indicate that they're close to rolling whatever that one is really going to be out.


Google's answer to YPN -

Google's answer to YPN - offer far more than just ads - an entire payment gateway focussed on taking and making advertising revenues, and distributing them about a system accessible to third parties...

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