Google proposes to display rival comparison engine via auction to prevent further EU fines


 Google offered to display rival comparison engines via auction system, as reported by Foo Yun Chee at Reuters, - but the proposal is being recieved with widespread criticism, from competitors with whom Google consulted. This proposal follows a $2.9 billion, with promises of further fines, if the issue is not addressed. 

Foundem, the company that initially lodged the complaint commented wtih the following,

"Unless Google is volunteering to break up its general-and specialized-search businesses, the inclusion of Google’s comparison shopping competitors into a new or existing pay-for-placement auction would simply create an additional anti-competitive barrier"

We know that shopping is one area where Google is already tough competiton from Amazon and being faced with this fine certainly leaves them between a rock and a hard place regarding their shopping product. Additionally, the EU action seemed to spark a wave of anti-trust activity in serveral countries since the spring, it will be interesting to see if Google rolls out a solution to just the EU markets or other large markets as well, where Google may forsee anti-trust inquires, in the near-term.


It's an interesting concept

It's an interesting concept, but, I suspect, difficult for competitors to use effectively.

Google may just be doing this to appease the EU.

Here it is

It's a deal - Google has now opened up the Shopping ads to comparison services in Europe.

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