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Hiring programmers is not something I have very much experience in. I currently have a need to hire a team of world class programmers to work on a project immediately. What Im not sure about is, just how do you go about finding such a proven team?

The skills i believe will be needed are:

  • AJAX
  • Javascript
  • UI Design

So, if you wanted to build something of Google quality, where would you find the people to do that?

(contact me via pm, or nick@threadwatch.org if interested in the project for yourself)


Employment Consultant

If you ring an employment consultant they will let you know what paperwork to put together e.g. position description etc and advertise the position for you and screen applicants.


I usually go through elance. Haven't worked with anyone there long enough to call them world class, but elance has ebay-style ratings for programmers and other freelancers, so you can see what a person's past performance has been.

How about hiring a Project Manager..

..who already has a proven team and the industry contacts to get hold of skills not already in the team at more reasonable rates than you could probably get yourself.

That sounds good. I've had a

That sounds good. I've had a great response from this so far, several teams, a few individuals and now this suggestion.

thanks everyone

Programming is a commodity

The people I trust on such issues tell me that programming is a commodity. I share the same view, and I never do (back end) programming myself outside of my own pet projects. My customers tend to employ full time programming staff anyway, but some just use CMS'es that way outsourcing the programming.

You can get good programming or even excellent programming in any corner of the world, especially if you're "only" looking for PHP/mySQL. So, if you know somebody with contacts in former Eastern Europe, former USSR, or Asia (you probably do) you might as well get the job done where it's cheapest.

But then... what happened to your Drupal enthusiasm? Did you find a job that Drupal can't do? :-)

>>Did you find a job that

>>Did you find a job that Drupal can't do?

Oooh yeah!

We'll be using Drupal for many things, but the core programming needs to be done by experts.

One tip

Do *NOT* use online freelance bidding sites. Get references from people you know and trust who have had successful projects produced or outsource to a very good brief with protection and penalties in the contract.

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