Google Hunting SEM Managers?

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Google Looking for SEM Managers?
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Now this would be a turn up for the books. Google appear to be scouting for SEM managers, which as Aaron says, is a far cry from the client poaching kerfuffle that went round the blogs and forums this spring.

Couldn't believe my ears. We just got a phone call from a recruitment consultant trying to head hunt for a European SEM Manager role for Google...

Do Google want to try working with SEM's now?


MS is doing it too

I got a call from Microsoft last week, saying they were getting in touch with all the SEO/SEMs in the area because of their soon-to-be-released PPC program. I'm not sure whether they're looking for support staff or managers for client accounts, but they definitely weren't trying to sell me something.

When I told him I wasn't much into PPC management, he said goodbye.

MSN building up their staff

I got a MicroSoft email a while back, and some of my friends did too. It was purely PPC stuff. Not sure what Teddie got on his phone call.

Some of the staff that Google may desire may also be not only staff they would want, but also staff they would like to block from working at MSFT.

Msn and recruiting staff

My understanding is that they will be building up their technical team substantially in Seattle. I doubt that they would be looking for SEM managers over there as part of this drive.

I do believe that prior to launching their PPC system into the major markets, they will be looking to build relationships with SEM agencies / firms with the intention of convincing them to firstly try out the program as an alternative and secondly to switch altogether. So I reckon, this is the start of a major account acquisition campaign and they are trying to identify who could supply them with major PPC revenues. May be wrong but I dont think its to build up account managers and support staff.

Google had these jobs for

Google had these jobs for quite a while now. (Chris LaSala)

was that your job Tom:)

Or Webguerilla's:)

I also here DaveN applied, but they reckoned they couldn't supply the pies or beer.

Thomas they just had to supply leather pants.


I also here DaveN applied

I don't Apply for anything mate ... People come to me .. you know that Fatty :)

they come to you when they want pies


Thats You..

You always come to me for the pies ... other people come for data and tools..


but you do make the best pies


Mr Kipling

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