Sun: Benchmark Studies Prove that Dell Sucks

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Oh My
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What a shame these babies never made it to print. Shame on the knobheads who rejected them as too contraversial, they'd damn funny...


I don't need any studies to

I don't need any studies to agree that yes, Dell sucks. Big time. Bad, bad, bad. Never buy it. It really, really sucks. And did I mention? Their support sucks too.

Hmmm maybe....

Dell's all I use. I get them cheap and I know there are a gazillion other machines out there so if I have a problem there's likely a solution.

I've had two tech support incidences. Once a drive went on a desktop and a new drive was there the next day. The second time one of my servers kept locking up. They sent a tech who replaced the entire server. Turns out the problem was Mandrake's drivers for the nic. *cough* oops *cough*.

Granted, it's an hour wait to get through to someone (takes that long for the light signals to travel across the ocean to the call centre) but I've been pretty happy once they arrive. :)

You can certainly roll your own products better, but I just don't have the interest in doing that anymore. Off the rack is fine for me.

Still, those ads are pretty rockin'!

hold on there!

"Granted, it's an hour wait to get through to someone"

Holy shit an hour boy what is your time worth these MofO's need to understand that you time is valueble Damn Boy - y mofo

Welcome to Threadwatch Ice-T

Welcome to Threadwatch Ice-T

That's how he's livin' ...

Right. Screenshot done. Posts like that are worth preserving. :)

n degrees of separation

Given the geek social chat list I saw that link on 24 hours ago, I have to wonder just what the number of degrees of separation between Nick and I is :)

I like Dell

I've gotta say that I've read a lot of the "Dell sucks" posts and sites out there over the years, but I've always had very good experiences with them. I've been a Dell customer for many years and have bought at least 100 PCs from them over the years as an IT manager and for the last few years for my own company. I currently own 8 of them. Of course I've had problems with systems and support, but that is a issue with every PC manufacturer, and Macs as well. Overall, I am very happy with them. I just bought a dual-core box from them and it kicks arse!

Its a 2 for 1 thing

You get two Dell's for the price of the equivalent Sun system.

We've never had any problem with them, my only major gripe is them charging £49.00 delivery, when I'm outside the Dell UK headquarters 3 times a week an could pick them up.

If yer so rock stupid you

If yer so rock stupid you need to call support, maybe ya need to just roll over and die. I just shoot my PC's when they've outlived their usefulness.

>>And did I mention? Their support sucks too.

You need to call support? ROFL.

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