Natural SEO v PPC - where's the ROI?

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iProspect's Outsourced SEO Metrics & ROI Study
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Seems old, but don't recall seeing this iProspect report (PDF) mentioned: "35% of organizations that outsource their natural search engine optimization and also participate in pay per click advertising - and can measure the ROI of each - recognize a higher return from SEO. This compares to just 11% of marketers from the same universe who report that pat per click advertising produces higher ROI."

And another - doubtlessly still in 'they would say that' country - quote:

For those new to the search engine marketing space, it would seem logical to conclude that based upon the vast number of marketers participating in pay per click advertising that it would be a more lucrative channel than natural search engine optimization - which is known to involve a lot more work. But, the numbers speak for themselves.


Broken Link

Could somebody fix the link to the report so we an take a look?


The 'source' link worked, but bloody whitespace in the body one. Now works.

As mentioned in the report

As mentioned in the report there is not a lot of news to it for most of us in here but the study will probably be a good tool to convince larger companies and agencies that it's time for them to think more organic and less paid.

I talked about it briefly

I agree with Mikkel here; I hit it briefly last week. I think the info is basically good, although I took slight issue with how some of the data was presented - i.e. it seems like it might have been skewed to make the numbers artificially low, based on the way the survey question and answers were presented.

The MarketingSherpa 2005-6

The MarketingSherpa 2005-6 SEO/PPC Guide would most likely provide some additional data to this story...

On our affiliate sites we

On our affiliate sites we earn 15 times more off SEO than PPC, but we also have 15 times more people on it. We only need one guy for PPC.

Profit per employee is about the same.

how about this revolutionary concept?

How about doing both?

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