Rumour: Websourced being Raided by Dept of Revenue

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A little bird tells me the boys and girls at Websourced, owners of SearchEngineLowdown, and owned by THK may be feeling a little hot under the collar right now. According to a reliable source, the offices are currently being raided by the NC Dept. of Revenue. The phrase "cooking the books", came up several times in the conversation.

Websourced had a nasty spell of bad publicity, that's rumoured to be linked to todays alleged raid on their HQ earlier this year, with Andy Beals sudden disappearance and Jason Dowdell's earlier departure. Both employees of Websourced left with much rumour of scandal and intrigue following in their wake. Harrassment charges is one such rumour, and "cooking the books" another, though Threadwatch needs to stress that all of the details above are as of yet, just that: Rumours.

Word has it that Director of Sales Scott Gardner left the company today, shortly after 7 sales reps were fired. More terminations may be planned for this week and the CFO is eyeing the door nervously.



not that anyone will be surprised if this turns out to be true...

Did you hear this from

Did you hear this from Debbie by any chance, Nick?

True or not, it's hilarious. Will Mike G be around to comment later?

I was wondering about

I was wondering about Mike...

Meanwhile, down at the rumour mill...

Hey Nick,

Nice to meet you, brief as it was, at the weekend. Veeeery cute little baby you have. Made my wife go all broody!

As I mentioned to RC and a few others at the roadshow, I had to head back to HQ in North Carolina, Monday morning.

I flew up to the capital ( Washington DC) a few hours ago, as I'm presenting a workshop here in the morning. However, as DC is only a 40 minute flight from Raleigh, where Websourced is based, I actually spent most of the day in the office at my desk today.

I have to say, your story sounds very exciting with raids going on, and all that. Rather like something from the evening news. Unfortunately, I saw none of it at all. In fact, I was in the office next door to the CEO and spent a lot of time with various members of staff and, generally speaking, it was all pretty much business as usual for us worker bees. Nobody being dragged out, no SWAT teams…

Sure, Scott did resign. But he had his own reasons for leaving, just as Andy Beal did.

And the only thing I saw cooking was the Cuban food I had delivered at lunchtime, I'm afraid.

Websourced, like any other large company has its own internal problems to deal with on a day to day basis. People leave and new people come on board. And there are always boardroom shuffles taking place at large companies.

I hate to throw a wet blanket on the rumour, as it did sound very exciting, but…



kudos and question

I don't know Mike Grehan, nor the circumstances mentioned (aside from what I'm reading here) but I've got to hand it to him, the comment above is worthy of kudos of the highest order, its a nice way to deal with a rumor that isn't true, without the normal spitting, name calling and other semantics that one would expect from a response of this nature. The guys a pro, and because of the way he dealt with this I'm note inclined to believe him.

Got to ask one question though? what the hell in Cuban food? Cant say I've ever seen Cuban food before, I've eat Afghani before and I live on Thai but Cuban? Is it like Mexican with some old folks doing jazz thrown in and a picture of Fidel on the box? :-)

Hi Mike, good to meet you

Hi Mike, good to meet you aswell on Saturday!

Were you there on Tuesday afternoon, or just the Monday? The source, who's connected on the inside, says this all happened tuesday, not monday.

Yawn, stretch, 6.50 am Washington DC

Just before I head downstairs for my workshop, I can tell you that I was in the office on Tuesday from 9.00 am to 3.45 pm until I drove up to the airport.

Many of the staff were in a sales meeting when I left, so it was a bit like the Marie Celeste at one end of the building.

Like I said, business as usual, really.



PS - Matt, Cuban food for you and I when we get together for that interview!

Cuban food..

Duncan, you're missing out! Two words: ropa vieja. :)

Nobody being dragged out, no SWAT teams…

My own past encounters with NCDREV (as they are affectionately known by businessmen here in NC) suggest that they no longer enjoy punishing the corporal body but have moved on to invoking more exquisite forms of pain & mental anguish. The only physical marks they tend to leave are massive amounts of paper-cuts.

NCDOR remind me of the Vogon's

The only physical marks they tend to leave are massive amounts of paper-cuts.

No kidding. If it weren't for the low cost of living, NC would be a crap place to do business. I was just served with papers to refile my corporate annual report because they didn't like the way I listed the 'registered agent' (read: "give us another $300 for the paperwork").

I am tempted to ride up the rode and see if there are in cars in the KeywordRanking parking lot.

Bitter ex-employee or

Bitter ex-employee or disillusioned investor?

And no, it isn't me. I neither have the time nor interest :)


Cuban Food

If any of you are ever in Cambridge (Mass, that is), get yourselves to Chez Henri, between Harvard and Porter squares. The cuisine is a combo of French and Cuban, and their Mojitos kick ass.

Oh, and I've never met Mike in the analog world, but if he says it, I believe it. He's one of the smartest people in the business.

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