Google continues move into the home services niche with US east coast expansion


In 2015, Google launched a pilot of their home services ad in San Francisco and has since then made it available in several other cities in the US including, San Diego, LA, Philadeplphia. In a effort to continue to break into the home services market (valused at $435 market globally), Google has expanded the program into the US East Cost annouced mid July - this coming at the heels of the recent IAC aquisition of Angies List. It is now a month and a half since the announcment and when test for a number of queries in major north east metros including Boston and NYC, I had a difficult time getting the ads to surface....I'm not sure if its because it will take time for Google to drive adoptation into the program or if Google is rolling it out city by city? 

The home services program is available through Adwords Express (Googles 'automatic' ad product), with options to accept phone leads or through direct messages. In order to get the "Google Guranteed" label, there are some additiona requirements including having Google verify that you have proper liscences, insurance, background checks,  and possibly undergoing mystery shopper evaluations, as reported by Search Engine Journal on the recent expansion of the program to Chicago and Googles FAQ on the product.