Goddamit! Pop Ups In Firefox, What's the Deal Here?

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Popup Ads are Back
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Dan brings up a subject that's been pissing me off for a while now, pop ups that break the pop up blocker in Firefox. How the hell is that done anyway? Im guessing it's a CSS/DHTML thing rather than the traditional window.open JS thing?

He's also threatening to list the companies participating in such ads and NOT SHOP THERE - Now that's the kind of mass mob outing mentality i could get behind...




You really don't expect us to answer how to do it here do you? :O)

Why not?

Why not?

If i know how it's done, i can most likely block it with a greasemonkey script or something...

Must Be Monday

I can't be the only one that smiles when I see that someone figured out how to beat a popup blocker. So this guy gets all worked up about a popup, and all he needs to do is disable Flash. With prefbar that takes one click. Lot less time than it took him to write his blog entry. And he uses "change the world" as a tag for that bit of kneejerk emotion? That's one of the reasons why tags will continue to become less useful.

Thing is, i didn't know it

Thing is, i didn't know it was Flash, and I can almost garuntee i know more about web dev than Dan...

Pisses me off too - and i'd rather not disable flash, or disable flash even on a per-site basis - what i'd like to do is work out how it's done, and disable that functionality entirely without borking Flash, or any other technology completey.

babies and bathwater dontcha know...

I've been getting FastClick

I've been getting FastClick popups in Firefox for several months. I thought it was something to do with the popup being linked to a mouse click or mouse move action?

SitePoint does this too. Go to their site, click on anything, and you get a popup. You may need to delete cookies beforehand.

Actually - I've just gone to their site and they seem to have replaced the popup with a DHTML overlay now that scrolls in at the bottom of the screen.

Shawn has one of the answers

Shawn has one of the answers with his New Breed of Pop-Ups post

Thanks Shawn, i think...

2 kinds. Flash and DHTML. No

2 kinds. Flash and DHTML. No Javascript, no DHTML popups. No Flash, no spawned popups. The Instant Attention site he links to has a link to a page that is supposed to show you that their popups get through any pop-up blocker. Turn off javascript and the link doesn't work. Dynamic Popup Generator, the "unstoppable popup", doesn't work without JS either. I went there without JS turned on, no popups. Cleared cached and surfed back with JS enabled, their silly popup was there.

And they aren't new by the way, or a new breed. Simply the only ones that now work. And the marketers still don't get it. People have pop-up blockers installed because they don't want to see pop-ups. How does pissing off the surfer align with increasing conversion rates?

You might not want to bork Flash, but I really love being able to stop Flash popups with a single click. Or for that matter, stopping DHMTL garbage with a single click. So when I know I'm entering pop-up infested areas, I turn off Flash and JS. Sort of like when I have to go to SEW, I turn off animated graphics. :)

How long before one of the toolbar makers adds a "Stop ALL Pop-ups" (even the really aggravating ones with timers) button to their toolbar?

Why not

Because the less people can find sites describing the techniques the less popups we have to put up with. The only way I can see to avoid *some* of them would be to greasemonkey to remove single pixel or small flash embeds but too many variables to make it work

It amazes me

It amazes me that people would pay $50 for that which can be had for free. We have been using those for over 2 years on certain sites.

We got a call a little over a year ago from a big foreign spyware company asking how we did it. (they paid us $350 for the free code) Suckers!!!

popups and snopes.com

THANK YOU all for this thread. I've been pissed for months that the popups from snopes.com somehow get past FF. I use Bloglines to read the Snopes Urban Legend feed, so shutting off JS also disables the Bloglines links. Fortunately, they're Flash-based. I used Prefbar to shut off Flash, and now they're dead.

for a while

its been happening for a while, complete pain in the backside.

Install PrefBar for Firefox

Install PrefBar for Firefox and choose who sorry what you kill! Colours, images, Javascript, Flash...


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