What does Google autoplaying video test mean for search, Wired Inquires



Over on webmasterworld, member chrisv1963, shared a this wired article about what autoplaying videos could mean for the future of Search Author Klint Finely makes some interesting observations from a broader product perspective,

"Whether this is actually about improving user experience or squeezing more revenue out of video ads is a bit of a mystery—Google declined to comment for this article—but the fact that it would toy with doing something that it already knows will annoy users is an uncomfortable reminder of how much power the company wields over the search experience. "The article ends with, "Perhaps the changes at Google aren't enough to send you into the arms of a competitor quite yet, or to get regulators to take a second look at Google's search dominance. But it means that the time is ripe for more competition."

I'm definitely interested to see if Google will follow facebook and some other platforms in having autoplaying videos ... can Google train users to be OK with autoplaying videos? This will defintely open up an opportunity for advertisers in universal search but Google will need to strike a balance with users.