Google Search Console Refresh & Some New Reports


Google is finally giving a long overdue refresh to google search console (yay). According to SEL, they're going to be rolling this out to new users in the the next few weeks. Features will include

  • actionable insights more [better  in report nontifications?]
  • offer better support of your organizational workflow. [ability to share issues outside of Google search console with other members of the team -- this all depends on how roubust the new notification system even is to be actionable]
  • enable faster feedback loops between you and Google. [test changes on the stop instead of having to wait for google to recrawl ]

Two new reports will be included and "index coverage report" , which looks like just an improvement upon their existing index report for why Google may have issues indexing certain content and a new AMP tool.

This new investment into google search console is interesting to me...since it is very neglected, especially when compared to solutions provided in adwords. Are the new features intended to provide indirect benefits to Google, parhaps new free user data around some of these issues that they can reference?


An index coverage report and an AMP tool...


Great to learn there's going

Great to learn there's going to be an update, but it doesn't go far enough, imho. I guess it's a limited beta, and we'll have to wait until it appears in our console.


The AMP tool is just google trying to nudge seos to using them for content delivery, so i think that that is definitely them trying to get more people to adopt that, so I think that is definitely a strategic far as the indexation piece, I think that may be useful especially when so many web managers and people in charge of SEO at companies now-a-days don't even know how to get the server logs

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