China Blocking Skype & VoIP

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China blocks Skype, VoIP
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Looks like China may be blocking SkyepOUT and other VoIP services acording to Guy Kewney at Newswireless today.

Reports from the FT suggest that this "won't affect" PC to PC calls using Skype. According to Shanghai Daily, however, China Telecom is collecting the identities of those who attempt to use SkypeOut to call regular phone numbers from their PCs.

"Under the current relevant laws and regulations of China, PC-to-phone services are strictly regulated and only China Telecom and (the nation's other fixed-line carrier) China Netcom are permitted to carry out some trials on a very limited basis," said a China Telecom official, quoted by Reuters.


Dubai as well

Dubai have been doing this as well for the past year. Well blocking skype out credits. There are 2 reasons. 1 state monopoly in telecoms 2. They have unincrypted phone systems so Doctor evil in the government can listen in.

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