Catching Up with Media & Tech Links Vol 2

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Carrying on from Vol 1, that dealt with Search and Tech Links that I'd missed out on whilst in Edinburgh, here are some more!

Feedster get Funded - The figure wasn't disclosed, but a hearty congratulations to the boys and girls over there as they dip into Mitsui's pockets.

Fathom to do Analytics - "The system, called Triton, provides agencies and advertisers with a dashboard where they can view and analyze the results of their online marketing efforts. Using APIs or more manual means, the system aggregates results from more than 30 search engines, online publishers, and tracking and optimization companies".

YPN Ads get Makeover and Ad Category Targeting - Jen has all the details of course. Funny, i just can't get excited about YPN while it's still in closed BETA - time to bring it out to play boys and girls...

Wired cover SEOBOok vs Traffic-Power - Nice to see this not dying out just yet. I didnt get as much time to talk to Aaron over the weekend as i would have liked, and forgot to ask how the legal donations were coming on?

Duncan Slaps WebProNews - and in particular, staff writer Jason Lee Miller over rewriting others ideas and presenting them as his own. I've noticed that too FWIW Duncan...

Well, that's it - one more thing to give it's own headlined post then i finally get to get dressed and showered heh!