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Chat From the War Zone
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Yahoo's Media Group start to come out of hiding since Llyod Braun took over there about 10mts ago with the hiring of Kevin Sites. Quite a coup for YMG, Kevin's reputation and fame spread far and wide when he famously filmed a US marine shooting a wounded Iraqi in a Mosque

Yahoo, which for years recycled traditional media companies' work on the Web, has hired its first news gatherer. Kevin Sites, who stirred international debate by filming a Marine shooting a wounded Iraqi in a Fallouja mosque last fall, will spend the next year reporting from nearly three dozen war zones across the globe.

In an Internet-age twist on the nightly news report, on Sept. 26 he will begin filing video, audio and text dispatches to Yahoo News each day and hold live chat and videoconferencing sessions from the world's most brutal conflicts.

The program, "Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone," is the clearest evidence yet that Yahoo feels ready to compete with TV networks for viewers and advertisers. A decade after the launch of the first commercial Internet browser, the medium is maturing rapidly enough to pit its biggest players against the giants of other media.

That's going to be an interesting space to watch over the coming months...


Lloyd Braun?

Isn't that the guy who helped Frank Costanza sell computers (after spending time in an institution)? Serenity now!

Sort of...

Sorry for focusing in the ancillary...
YEP erik - Lloyd Braun character is supposed to be based on a real Lloyd Braun who is a freind of Larry David (I don't know if it's the same one...), He used to be better than George all his childhood and chew decent ammounts of Gum...
Insanity later.

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