Catching Up with Search & Tech Links Vol 1

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So, as many of you know, i was away from Thursday last week at the Edinburgh SEORoadShow - I'll never catch up with all the news, and certainly not if i try to write up everything interesting that's happened! So here are the bits I think were important over the last few days, feel free to add to them in the comments!

Search Engine Friendly Click Tracking from Sebastian tells you haw to measure CTR without borking your links - This one looks particularly interesting and i'll be seeing if there is anything i might do here with that.

Google vs GEICO Settled - Danny has links to all the major coverage of this somewhat non event - Why is it a non event? Seems that way to me, but maybe it's just because it was so talked about at the time... News is like that sometimes, the speculation and uncertainty is much more interesting than the actual outcome of case.

MSN Search API - Coming this week by the looks of it. Looks quite exciting, i like that kind of stuff and have been collecting a growing reference to all the API's i can find - i'll publish that at some piont...

Jeremy on Community vs Corporation - Talking about this post by Robert Young, which is a FINE read incidentally, Jeremy talks about his role at Yahoo! and how he's often in conflict with the corp - siding with the community. Take a little time out for that one, it's important :)

SEOBlackHat want to start a Wiki and are asking for comment on weather it's viable.

Tolles at Topix on Tagging - hehe, what a mouthful! Some thoughts on dealing with the problem of spam in social bookmarking like systems - if you caught my empassioned pitch to a bunch of SEO's in Edinburgh at the weekend about tagging, you'll know im quite the fan - but that i also think it has a very limited lifespan unless something can be done to curb abuse.

Tim rants on Lifehacker SUCKING - Sheesh Tim, it took you THAT long? Lifehackre does suck, and it's a shame as it showed so much promise in the beginning.

I'll post another one of these when i've bulled my way through some more of the RSS, for now, enjoy those ones - they're all goodies...