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Guy wants to make a million...
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Check this guy out, he's bought his domain name ( and he want a million dollars for college. He's selling ad space on the site, nothing new there. However, he's selling it off in 10x10 pixel blocks.

There's a million pixels and he's selling each one for a dollar. At the moment he's only sold a few but i'm sure people will take him up on the offer, the site is guaranteed to be live for at least the next 5 years. If you're thinking "Why doesn't he get a job like everyone else?"...

Although I've done many different jobs in the past, it's not really how my brain likes to work. My natural disposition is to think of ideas, and I like to create interesting things and ways of doing things. Plus this is much more fun to do, with a potential higher reward. That's not a cop-out, honest guv!



Huh?? He's redirecting the links through a script...

yeah, i noticed that. Maybe

yeah, i noticed that. Maybe someone should tell him that he'd make more money from people if he offered a *real* link...

great idea

he deserves to make some cash for that - and depending on who he's targeting those redirects may actually work in his favour, you can't just skim over and see who's buying so I just sat and clicked on them all.... people will click on an interesting icon even as it gets full. If sites actually want traffic rather than link pop then they'll probably get it :)

And this is the way Google would like to see advertising - clearly labelled and not sold for PR - probably deserves a link from the GoogleBlog hey Matt?

Now I'm off to write about it and get a nice direct link back from that press coverage page.....

and there I was,

feeling constrained by a 16x16 favicon. 10x10 - now that forces some judicious use of pixels.

Minimum sale is 100 pixels =

Minimum sale is 100 pixels = $100. No live link on the BBC site, which is a shame. Or the Guardian.

real link

you can get them if you want them


Complimenti, furbone! Now eat you own dogfood, assuming that's yours.

Two things...

1) That will be fairly big page (size wise) once it is full.

2) Someone with money should buy a bunch of 10x10's with just black for the image and say something:

*    *  *****
*    *    *
*****    *
*    *    *
*    *  *****

Or some such shenanigans.

Almost, but not quite

This is an interesting gimmick but there unfortunately is no real benefit to purchasing the ads. The search engines will avoid it because of all the outgoing links and the people that actually click on the links will hit their back button within seconds. The site could also benefit from some major HTML validation. Duplicate ID tags, "target=_new" on every icon, etc.

i think that word hits the

i think that word hits the spot, "gimmick". Good luck to the guy, if he makes a few thousand dollars that'd be nice. I don't think he'll get a million before university starts.

he want a million dollars

he want a million dollars for college ??

For college and

For college and then....

After that, I would like to pay for my parents to have some time off because they work so hard and they deserve a break. I would like to return some of the support they have given me over all these years.

Thirdly... socks! I definitely need some new socks. Whenever I buy new ones they seem to disappear, or they disintegrate. So I want to buy some really expensive, long-lasting socks.

Finally... if I reach the $1m target and still have money left over after buying my swanky new socks, then I have a couple of interesting business ideas I would love to invest some money in. So watch this space!

Brilliant Idea

Wait until the casinos move in.

It's brilliant and you all know it.

When I looked just now, the site already made 2800,- (allegedly). If this gets "viral" it could go all the way. Cool.


Well looks like it did according to the press page

Channel 4 - Student banks 1m on debt-free life (UK / Sept 8th)
The Register - Student flogs pixels to fund education (UK / Sept 8th) Technology News - Student banks 1m on debt-free life (UK / Sept 8th)
BBC News - Student's debt-avoiding net idea (UK / Sept 7th)
Guardian Unlimited - Student banks on million dollar website (UK / Sept 7th)

Channel4, el reg, BBC news and Guardian Unlimited, can't beat that for some press coverage!

Wonder who his dad is

The guy has some pull, imho.

It's smart money for some sites

With the buzz being generated - it may as well be a viral campaign for the early adopters. Right now, sites with 4 or so squares really stand out.

Wonder who his dad is

He had a go 6 years ago when he was 15....and presumably never became a millionaire then. There are a number of stories about him over the years in, which is part of Newsquest Group, a Gannett company , and Newsquest is apparently the UK's second largest publisher of regional and local newspapers. His dad could well be executive there !

From the Evening Advertiser, first published Thursday 20th Apr 2000.

A WHEELING and dealing schoolboy from Cricklade ­ who once sold tap water to thirsty football team-mates ­ has aspirations to become one of Britain's youngest millionaires. ...

...They are currently trying to set up as a limited company and are in talks with some major sponsors.

Great Idea

Regardless of benefits to advertisers, he'll sell a crapload of space. Casinos like Ultimate Bet will move in and do something creative.

Ran a search on Google for Million Dollar Homepage. Nowhere to be found. Sandbox is great for relevancy, isn't it? :-)

great idea

this'll get a bucket load of links / media and of course fade out. Worth it for advetisers in the short run, probably. Worth it for him, of course. Fair play, and I wish I'd thought of it before accumulating the debts :)

Only a matter of time...

Interesting knock-off. Must've just arisen in the past few hours.

How about this... pixels for pennies!

Check Yahoo - they are

Check Yahoo - they are registering backlinks already. G won't be far behind I'm sure

>> MillionPennyHomePage

Christ, there's a bandwagon already...

$2300 more than yesterday

He's up $2300 from the first time I looked yesterday... Not bad.

Looks like more on the way... registerd and parked. registered and placeholder. registered (a long time ago) and not parked.

Laughing My Ass Off

So I bit yesterday. My little site gets about 100 visitors a month (hasn't been online for too long).

Bought a link and my stats say I had over 600 visitors since yesterday!

Kids, this might be something really big! I hope so. We'll see. it's worth $100 to try.

pure links...

found this note on the 'clicks' page:

** These advertisers have chosen to use a direct web link and so cannot have their clicks tracked

There's other ways of

There's other ways of tracking links :)

RE: There's other ways of

tracking links :)


Down to whopping 10 clicks per day

Still a good deal for 5 years.

maybe I should buy

maybe I should buy ;-)

if you could ;)

if you could ;)

>>oilman runs off to<<

I wonder when...

...or if they'll get a "PR passing" ban.

He should probably have a nofollow on those so people don't think he's selling them for link pop. :)

He broke 300k

We should start a pool - How much will he have by Nov 1?

they're everywhere now:

they're everywhere now: millioncentpage, millioncenthomepage, milliondollar this milliondollar that, even saw one with wedding pixels...

And some of the clones even

And some of the clones even copy the links from the original ;)

>clones I think i've deleted


I think i've deleted at least 5 copycats from this thread, and about 3 that have posted a new thread just at TW!

clone copycat

alexa is showing at number 10 of this weeks movers and shakers, even the layout and colours are very similar

And every clone-clown spams

And every clone-clown spams all advertisers from the original too :(
One of the fuckers sent a dozen emails ...

clone-clown spams

I made a blog post about those copy cat sites being useless and one of the clowns came by and dropped a link on that post.

Some of the clones even copy

Some of the clones even copy the links from the original:

Just looked at some of the sites after about a month and...

...amazing...the original is a PR7.

The oldest clone is a PR5.


I just delinked all the

I just delinked all the examples. Im just not fond of them :)

You know, not a week has gone by where there hasn't been at least one new copycat posted here - i nuked one the other day, something like - and the spin was a long yarn about some "senior" who'd copied the idea to get the diabetes medicine he needed - call me a cynic, but that was NOT the first one with a spin on charity for oneself.

may want to rewrite or delink...

the recent misspelled version of the original as well...looked like a tshirt site or something.


BBC News

Alex Tew (original MDH guy) was feautured on BBC Breakfast news here in the UK this morning. That'll have got him some more publicity, as if he needs it! He's made almost $500,000, the absolute git....

And because Google is

And because Google is 'funny' about listing backlinks, one can't actually use Google to see (innocently, as a user, I might add) who is talking about the site and when. Shamefully annoying.

*grumble grumble*


.... milloin

never noticed that one. Was the one put up by the congregation of the Church of Heil so that they could buy a brain and share it between themselves?

What else can be new ?

I found this one [sure you did, just stumbled across it right? ~Nick] it's kind a new for me because this guy is giving part of his money to his advertisers. I didn't see something like that on other buy pixels sites.

you know what annoys me even more than bad link drops?

people who don't run a bloody speel cheeker over their four page website when they're trying to get people to part with hard cash.

Unless you have the milliondollaydyslexiahomepage in which case I forgive the speeling thing but not the severe stupidity of link dropping your crap copy of an original idea in a thread whinging about people link dropping their crap copies of an original idea.

Specifically the reason you don't see something like that on other buy pixels sites is because, as an idea its naff and the chances of it ever paying out are about a billion to one since its likely to sell about 10 pixels worth.

Although, on your other site, I have to give kudos for "Also click on my advertisements you bastards." which is refreshingly honest if somewhat outside the adsense terms...

(anyone reading this after Nick gets up and deletes the post above will just have to imagine the target of my rant).

No, i've left it there -

No, i've left it there - usually i remove any replies to edited posts also, just to keep consistency in the thread but i liked your reply so much i just removed his url rather than nuking the comment :)

Funny, he said he didnt have a website in the intro thread - Amazing how you could just stumble across a shit site like that eh?

It'll be interesting to know

It'll be interesting to know what returns, if any, the commerce sites advertising are getting from this.

There is no such thing as bad traffic

>It'll be interesting to know what returns, if any, the commerce sites advertising are getting from this.

1. Not very targeted traffic, just 10+ vistis per day and 10*10px block, 80% clicking the contact form (see 2.)

2. A fair amount of spam messages via contact form from copycats, quickly signed up for even more useless spam

3. No Pagerank passed

4. A cpl. of spam emails to

and similar email addresses, handled like 2. but reported as email spammer additionally

5. A few worthless inbound links daily from copycats who have stolen the design including the anchor tags

6. Perhaps at least ONE vistor placing an order covering the costs and all the hassles, probably more in the next 5 years ;)

Even if I get nothing back, it's worth it to honor a great idea.

Lots of new socks

Well, the genious went over $500,000. Good for him!

Now if we can just get rid of the copy cats and their spam!

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