Can Firefox 54 revive the browser's market share?

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Mozilla has released Firefox 54 and makes great claims of it being considerably faster and less resource intensive. Firefox has lost share over recent times as it has lagged behind other updated browsers.

Will you use it again?


I have some hope....

As a firefox user who hung in with them for a long time largely because I like the that I can have pinned folders and dealt with all the crashing..its crashing on me less and it does seem faster....I think one opportunity that is under sold by them is their developer browser...I just changed from regular firefox to the "developer edition" and it has all of the old features firebug used to has all the features that console has but also really great extentions for some of the JS frameworks that I work in - for both react and angular....i think building out the developer browser may be an 'in' for them to consider to in terms of getting some of their market share back...

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