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Fluff journalism at it's best im afraid. What's interesting about the WSJ's piece on blog search is it's complete lack of real research (says Nick, king of the blind story..). They also, as pointed out by Niall, completely fail to mention Bloglines - Sheesh!

It's like Vauhini Vara just sat down with a bunch of facts and figures from past press releases and padded it out with bland speculation - which probably isn't too far from the truth. Would it have hurt them to do a few real searches and come up with something interesting?

The point of my post though, was to raise the issue of the major Search engines and "live web" search - why have we still seen nothing significant from any of these guys? (G, Y, M)

My guess is that spam algo's, and trust me, trying to do a commercial search on any of the leading blog search sites is a painful, painful endeavor, are just not up to the task. You can't do a lot of "age related" stuff im guessing - by it's very nature the links are fresh right?

But god knows we need a really good live web search. These little guys just don't have what's needed right now, and are unlikely to develop it without mega-funding.


what worries me...

regarding your point about superficial coverage, I had similar thoughts last week when I read a couple USA Today stories on Google. My big concern now is, when I read something about an industry I don't spend 20 hours a day trying to grok, like finance, medicine, etc., have they done the same sloppy gloss-over job, but I'm just too ignorant to know it?


that hadn't occurred to me untill you mentioned it erik, but it is worrying eh?

What about medical stuff?

what about medical stuff?

Not sure, Nick. I'll finish this Newsweek article - "Tummy Problems for Grownups" - and let you know.

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