Happy Birthday Google - 7yrs Old Today

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Biz Stone goes to Odeo
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Google is 7yrs old today, happy Birthday boys and girls!

Phew, only 7yrs old eh? It's been an interesting ride, and will only become more so as time goes by. We've seen Google evolve from a techie/geek search tool into an enormous ad agency - with so many different products and services that much of the tech world has no idea where they're headed.

Let's hope they do.


Happy Birthday G!

Happy Birthday G!

and thanks for all the fish



and thanks for all the

and thanks for all the fish

I second that.

Now for your birthday bash I'd love to see the end to fishing quotas in the party bag :)

thanks for all the fish

I'm surprised Google doesn't

I'm surprised Google doesn't have a birthday logo.

You can always make your own

at Logogle

how about sugesstions?

7 years?

Sheesh. I need to post my Krispy Kreme email from the 2nd birthday. I feel creaky and old now--thanks Nick. ;)

For geeks and freaks, Gary

For geeks and freaks, Gary Price pointed me to a page celebrating Googles's 4th birthday which has TONS of odd memorabilia on it.

thanks Gary :)

Nice link, Nick. :) Would

Nice link, Nick. :)

Would have loved to have been there to see the birth...

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