Bloglines Borking the Threadwatch Feed?

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Goddamit! I hate it when bloglines chokes on the Threadwatch feed for no apparent reason. It's been buggered since last night, and i can't for the life of me work out what it's having trouble with - which leaves me just waiting for whatever the problem post is to fall off the rss feed, sheesh!

I did switch to feedburner - but bloglines supports redirects, and it was working previously with the redirect (i will share stats in another post in a few weeks when enough data has been collected) - my thanks to Danny S for pointing me in the right direction for getting that all sorted!

If anyone has any idea where the problem is, could they please let me know?



Could it be &?

The first post that seems to be missing from Bloglines is Getting Bundled Up, so it seems likely that that could be the source of the problem. Looking at that entry in the feed it shows AT&T has been converted to AT&T, when I think it should be AT&T. I wouldn't have thought this would be enough for Bloglines to get stuck, but it's the only odderty that I can see.

Same Problem

I have the same problem. I post to all of my other blogs before noon, and bloglines is picking them up in onesies and twosies throughout the day. I often get notified about a post I made at 11am at 9pm at night, go figure.

No idea what?

They have been having problems lately, check out their blog, but on the other hand it only seems to be some sites and not others.

I got the fat plummer...

...all weekend when I clicked the TW link in Bloglines, then the red "feed exclamation mark" only yesterday. Now it's back to normal. None of the other sites on my list were affected.

yeah, thanks everyone. I

yeah, thanks everyone. I noticed it came back online. Im actually considering doing full feeds - ad supported - so expect the rss to go through a couple of experimental phases in the coming weeks :)


Most of TW's traffic comes from sodding bloglines, and it's choked on the feed again - this time im not getting an error message, but it hasn't updated it since lunchtime today!

Im 100% the feed is ok as i've double checked it, and in the process gone back to full feeds (yay!)

If anyone knows what i need to do, please tell....

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