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Link Function at Yahoo! Allows for Other Operators
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Barry reports on the fact that you can now mesh other operators into the Yahoo! link commands, as discovered by Shawn over at DP forums. You can use the new combo's to do all kinds of interesting things, here's a few examples:

There are probably a few other cool combo's, if you come across them, please post them here!


has been that way for a

has been that way for a while I think

There's tons

Anything you can think of, you can do...

Try - shows you all internal links to a single page - all the external links (w/o your own site) "keyword phrase" - all the links that have that phrase on the page (this is very useful) - testing all types of TLDs to see what you've got from other regions, .orgs, .edus, .govs, etc. intitle:term - just pages with your term in the title inurl:.php - just php pages linking to your site

Use your imagination, there's a ton. BTW - I've been using these in the SEOmoz tools for a year, so they're definitely not new.

Wonderful examples,

Wonderful examples, thanks!

I never knew - im ashamed to say that my Yahoo! search skills are seriously lacking...

MSN too...

I've been using compound backlink searches in MSN for quite some time.

eg... "keyword phrase"

Haven't tried some of the others rand and Barry suggest, but this one is extremely useful.

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