PayPal Micropayments

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PayPal To Accept Micropayments
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Paypal are to introduce Micropayments, an "affordable" solution for small amounts (under $2) according to a press release spotted by Peter.

The new pricing will provide merchants with a more affordable way to process payments for low-cost digital content such as video games, online greeting cards, news articles, mobile phone content and digital music. PayPal's micropayments pricing is designed to give customers the convenience of a-la-carte purchases, such as 99-cent downloadable ringtones, without having to sign up for annual subscriptions or pre-funded payment accounts.


Thank god

Thats huge news. The little guy can finally offer features that seem so inexpensive that the consumer will buy them.


If the consumer and the vendor is based in the right country. PayPal's list of countries they do business with is tiny.

Not quite micro

Potentially momentous, but not quite micro. Still, it's a major step forward.

This is where I'd thought that Google and Yahoo were both headed. Earlier, Google had announced it wasn't planning to compete with PayPal. Remains to be seen, now, if that changes.

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