Trackback Spammers Breach TypePad Defenses

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Trackback spammers beat Typepad nofollow
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TypePad uses the ghastly "nofollow" attribute for links in it's Trackbacks, but resourceful spammers have found a way to get round this and obtain nofollow-less links from TypePad blogs, including Seth Godin's according to Brian.

What I find particularly ironic is that this blog, and others I read, have pinged Seth's blog and not shown up as trackbacks - and yet the trackback spammers have found a way to get high-class referrals from him.

TypePad needs to investigate this, and Seth needs to do a little weekend housecleaning methinks...


details, details

Wish I had some details on the method, so a defense could be planned.

Great catch Brian! :)Have

Great catch Brian!


Have a dig around volatilegx. Brian has given you all the clues...

As Brian has said - pharmaceuticals are popular... amoxicillin androstenedione...

Major flaw in the Typepad implementation.....

Looks like a number of other

Looks like a number of other high profile bloggers have also been hit.

Hmm, multiple trackback links eh...

...and only the first link gets hit by nofollow. I guess they thought trackbacks were not as spam-prone as blog comments.

It took people a while to notice as well, hehe. This seems to have been going on for many months now.

Yep, it's not new, but...

Yep, it's not new, but it's not been part of the conversation. The bloggers - and Typepad - don't seem to have realised that this process has been happening to them.

Unless, of course, Seth Godin is under contract to have 179 pages of his site spent endorsing pharmaceuticals and poker sites with live links.

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