More Evidence That Disavow Files Are Not as Valuable as They Used to Be?


With the way automated Penguin works (by devaluing incoming links) webmasters have been asking for months about their disavow files. Are they still useful? Should they still be maintained? Or is there no need for them anymore? Over on SERoundtable, Barry Schwartz found an interesting tweet by Gary Illyes that sheds some light on how important disavow files are these days.

Or rather, how unimportant they seem to be. Basically it looks like Illyes is saying: if you're worried that Google will confuse negative SEO performed against you as spam, you can use a disavow file to keep track of what you did and what you disavow. But if you're not worried about negative SEO, then you don't really have to concern yourself with a disavow file. "If you have better things to do, as you should, then don't use it," Illyes tweeted.