Google Launch Local Search in China

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Google launch Local Search in China
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It appears that Google have quietly launched China Local Search which according to Shak, who's just launched a new blog on the chinese search scene, and the original story at Pacific Epoch, operates much the same as any of the other Google local domains.

For the hard of intelligence "bendi" = "local" in chinese :)


Shak has a blog now?

Shak has a blog now?


Shak is always ahead of the game. :)

ChinaWhite officially

ChinaWhite officially launched yesterday the 1st September with Shak setting up his new perm residence in Shanghai.

Good luck to you out there mate :)

Xie Xie

wo bu hui shuo zhong wen

Thank you

I dont speak chinese ?


He just called your pint a poof.

I think shuo zhong means

I think shuo zhong means "pretty colored test tube shot."

LOL NFFC , but what i posted

LOL NFFC , but what i posted was the translation (

Xie Xie = Thank You

wo bu hui shuo zhong wen = I dont speak chinese

What the hell.... Shaq doing in China? I haven't spoke to him in a while.

>What the hell is Shaq [sic]

>What the hell is Shaq [sic] doing in China?

Shaq isn't in China - Shak is :)

Here is what I think he is doing:


Shak is a tank driver?

No not the tank driver - he

No not the tank driver - he was apparently on his way to see:

and even the tanks couldn't stop him.


Thanks for the correction Holy smokes though, even my wife says that woman is a hottie and she dosen't swing on that side of the tree!

From the looks of it I'd say he's having a good time.

I'd be hard pushed to find a

I'd be hard pushed to find a link, but i've read a couple of things in recent times about how chinese and japanese stars are becoming more "western looking" - what a shame, she's a classic example...

No link either but it's

not just Japanese/Chinese. In Indonesia an awful lot of the people on tv are actually mixed race, and those who aren't have so much makeup on they look sickly pale almost as bad as Scotsmen.

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