Are Traffic Power Hastily Covering their Tracks?

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Fake SEO Forums Erased?
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Many people believe that the phoney forums that started appearing last september that promoted Traffic Power, and affilated companies, and trashed individuals, forums and companies that criticized them, were built by Traffic Power themselves. No brainer really, but there's no hard proof. Well, it appears that during the ongoing publicity of their suing Aaron Wall for comments on his site those forums have disappeard.

Funny that eh?


Thankfully the Internet

Thankfully the Internet Archive is a wonderful resource

Seconded Mr Gimp.

As we all know when it comes to litigation the deepest pockets tend to win the day. I think Aaron has enough REAL seo mates with deep enough pockets to ensure that these ballooning fools can't skank him.

They're pissing into the wind. At least we can smell them coming.

WHOIS History

Just took a look at the whois history on those domains. No surprise that they were registered by proxy. However, the original record for shows this:

6800 W Charleston Ave #204
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117
United States

I will leave out the name and number unless someone really wants it. Isn't Traffic Power based out of Las Vegas?

Aaron, I don't personally know you although I have read your site for awhile. I know the money to fight something like this seems like a waste, but I really think you should go after them. I would even be willing to help a little with legal costs. I'm certain you'd also be able to get a large number of the SEO community to pitch in as well. This isn't just about Traffic Power, but it's the right to speak our minds on our site. The more companies like this and SEO Inc push people around, the less respect this industry gets. You'll also probably get some nice links. ;-)

My thought is this. They posted some pretty scathing remarks on those fake sites that you have. I would counter-sue, which would in turn allow you access to the whois data and who truthfully purchased and ran those sites. Wouldn't be a pretty situation for Traffic Power to be seen by the public to run fake forums to promote their product and slander competitors.

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If there's any justice this case is going to be laughed straight out of court.

I'd grab some screenshots of

I'd grab some screenshots of those pages in Archive.

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