Technorati Dies, Bloggers Desert Sinking Ship

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Sad news, but it had to happen - despite the bravado, Technorati has gone under the sea of spam and irrelevancy, the rats bloggers are bailing out of the sinking ship.

Calacanis is practically rubbing his hands with glee over Sifry's baby, once the icon of all things bloggy's demise.

Amazing how quickly the mighty have fallen. At a conference last year half the screen in the audience seemed to be on Technorati. Now, I do my canned technorati searches and I see nothing but items from a year ago and spam. Ugh.

and Kotke has some more thoughtful words on the issue.

While their search of the live web (the site's primary goal) has been desperately in need of a serious overhaul, Technorati has branched out into all sorts of PR-getting endeavors, including soundbiting the DNC on CNN, tags (careful, don't burn yourself on the hot buzzword), and all sorts of XML-ish stuff for developers. Which is all great, but get the fricking search working first! As Jason Fried says, better to build half a product than a half-assed product. I know it's a terrifically hard problem, but Figure. It. Out.

Did they lose focus as Jason says? Did they just get overwhelmed with spam? Or is it a case of stardust clouding thier vision?

What a shame - so when are you announcing the deal Yahoo?


Mr Calacanis

needs to learn to be nice to people on the way up, you know the rest.

The way up, the way down... sidways....

I'm honest.

That's it.

I'm totally nice to Dave when we hang at conferences, and he is nice with me. Dave's a nice guy. However, this is about business and as a blog network we need powerful, real-time blog search. Technorati had it for six months and has lost it for six months.

We're all disappointed in them... and I'm sure Dave is really disappointed that the search results are total garbage now. All we want is a working solution.

If someone wants to build a better Weblogs, Inc. and kick my ass that's fine by me... sometimes people need to get their ass kicked to get in gear. I love it when people lay the smack down on me. The people who attack our model might be overly agressive and wrong half the time, but the other half of the time they are acting as FREE CONSULTANTS!!! I love it! Bring it on... tell us what we do bad and how we can do it better--PLEASE!!!

Technorati should look at the fact that Fred, JasonK, and I are blogging about them and their service as a FREE FOCUS GROUP. People pay to have experts monitor their companies. We're giving feedback for free... Dave should be pysched. None of us are on his board and none of us own stock... we're GIVING Dave the advice he needs to build a great business.

So, in that way, we're being VERY nice. :-)

got to agree

Agree with Jason on this one, Technorati's been broken for a fairly long time now and despite promises to the contrary its still has not been fixed. I'm using Feedster and Blogpulse primarily for my link tracking now and would probably only use Technorati maybe once a week and even then 50% of the time its down, and the other 50% gives me maybe 10-20% of the incoming links I'm seeing on other sites and the same overall link count as 2 weeks before.

nature abhors a vacuum

I wouldn't go so far as to say it's dead, but it is broken. To be truthful they are incredibly slow compared to what else is out there. As far as spam filled, well "breaking" a chronologically biased search algo is childs play (post often, duh).

Nature abhors a vacuum, and so far nobody is stepping up to fill the void. Pubsub, Icerocket, and Feedster are all minor leauge players. I've been experimenting with them lately and lets say, I'm not impressed. Without some major capital none of them could stand up any better than technorati could. Let's face it Google has set the "spam bar" pretty high and other's are going to have a hard time duplicating that.

Welcome to the WWW boys ;)

Welcome to the WWW boys ;)

[added for clarification:] that above comment was not directed at a everyone(you know who you are) who posted to this thread. Only those who are disappointed and think that some free publicly accessible service will never be taken advantage of no matter what the person or people in charge of such service say... and so on and so on....

try this

try Blogpulse, certainly its pretty although the profiles service is usually about a day behind.
Feedster doesn't have the looks, bells and whistles but I'm finding their links in pretty good though, certainly they are averaging at least double, sometimes more in relation to Technorati.

What I use instead

When I'm writing Computerworld's daily IT BlogWatch, I now use to find who's linking to whom. It amalgamates search results from Feedster, Daypop, Technorati, BlogPulse, and Blogdigger. It just works. Occasionally I'll supplement with a Bloglines bookmarklet.

BTW, I'll be writing about "death of Technorati" in today's post.

Im about to try that richi,

Im about to try that richi, i've had to ditch my technorati watchlist for a topic im interested in, and am now going to try the following:

  • blogpulse
  • icerocket
  • pubsub
  • clusty

It will be interesting to see which one i find most useful, i may well write it up if the results are interesting...

Welcome to TW by the way! Do introduce yourself here


No RSS on clusty? that can't work...

sifry responds kinda

Via Dave Sifry's blog, he addresses some of the comments

We just weren't expecting that kind of sudden growth, both on the posting side and also on the search side, and frankly we didn't plan well enough to handle the load. We've been adding new machines to our datacenter, - over 400 now - and more coming each week, and we've been fixing bugs and making performance enhancements on the web site as well.

We also made some pretty significant performance improvements to keyword search - most now returning in 1--2 seconds; you can see some details on those statistics and also a month view.

However, Cosmos search (or URL search) is still being worked on, and is often timing out under the increased load. Unfortunately this is also one of the searches that bloggers find most compelling, as it helps you to all know who is linking to your blog, and it is the very first type of search that Technorati made available, so it is near and dear to our hearts. Everyone here also uses it every day, so it really sucks when it isn't working right.

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