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MSN Search Gains New Feed Searching Commands
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Danny has the details on MSN's new feed search commands originally posted by Robin Good - You can now search for words and phrases specifically within feeds.

Some of you may find this useful. It's always tough scouting out those initial blogs / news sites for a new blog. You need to be part of the conversation in your niche, and you need to source good stories to post right? Well Technorati has almost become a no-go zone on commercial subjects, and im not sure if MSN will fair any better, but you can now add this one to your toolkit aswell.

Naturally, you can get the results in RSS :)

The two commands you need to know are [feed:] and [hasfeed:], though as Danny notes, the hasfeed command is not quite ready for primetime.

So, if i want to search for blogs / sources on "windows vista", i'd use: feed: "windows vista" for just any feed containing that phrase, and hasfeed:"windows vista for a more specific search of pages that link to feeds containing the term "windows vista".

To be frank, im not entirely sure i have the [hasfeed] search understood correctly - maybe you can tell me?


Explains why MSN has been

Explains why MSN has been voraciously eating RSS recently.

There was another reason for

There was another reason for that Brian - they've been doing "current news" stuff - they've been going mad on blog / news sites (incl. tw) that "break" news for a while now...


I think the hasfeed: command is meant to be used in conjunction with the site: command like this

Oilman talked a little bit about it on SEO Rockstars last night.

cool, thanks todd

cool, thanks todd

I find this very useful.

I find this very useful. Glad to see MSN getting on the bandwagon.

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