DMOZ: The Open Directory Program, Will Close on March 14, 2017

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Directories have been waning in strength and authority for years, but DMOZ was always a "last bastion" sort of site. Even DMOZ, today, isn't what it once was. But it's still kind of sad to be seeing this titan fall so unceremoniously.

The members of WebmasterWorld are remembering DMOZ and reacting to the news of its closure in this thread.

Some remember it fondly. Martinibuster writes that, "The taxonomy was a useful resource for research." Laisha has very fond memories of meeting their husband and best friends while working with DMOZ. Members jmccormac, engine, and brotherhood of LAN are discussing how many of DMOZ's features went on to be re-purposed by Google and Wikipedia.

Others have...less fond memories. "Good riddance," writes keyplyr. "DMOZ was a joke. They had volunteer editors that manipulated their directory. We tried for years to get our travel site listed and could never get in. Apparently the editor was a competitor," writes travelin_cat.

Much like engine, I'm wondering about the impact. "What I'm trying to work out is what will happen to the data...I wonder what impact there will be from all the links going...It reminds me of the closure of Yahoo's directory..." engine writes.

What do you think? Will you miss DMOZ, or is it good riddance to you as well?


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