Large recent DA drop? 3+ full points. Possible cause per Rand @Moz

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I track about 200 sites in the small business / marketing / social media / tech niche and almost all of them saw about a 3+ point drop in DA all at the same time. 

Rand said that Moz crawled some "weird stuff in this index" so read his comments at

But also keep in mind that Huffington Post went nofollow in mid-November 2016 so the impact of that would have hit around this update. 

Huge sites going nofollow (if you believe nofollow is a real thing) would have a domino effect. It isn't just every site that has incoming links from HuffPo - it is also all the sites that link to you that have incoming links from HuffPo or sites HuffPo links to that will impact you. 

According to Roger Mozbot:  

The next update is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 28th. You can check for updates at

We can hope the weird stuff gets filtered out by then. We'll know if we check DAs again after that date.  


Moz on how long until junk filtered out

Moz said:

It should get better with each index with the hopes of being fixed after 2-3 index updates.

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