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Jill Whalen on Search Engine Optimization (On Location)
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As part of a series of interviews from the recent San Jose SES conference, Chris Pirillo talks to Jill Whalen. It's always nice to get a little personal perspective on those that you talk to often but have not met in person, so I enjoyed this one. I've no idea what the blurb on the linked page above is talking about, it's like the person who wrote it didn't listen to the interview, but you should - it's good stuff...


Just listened to the

Just listened to the interview. There can be no doubt that Jill is a woman of substance. Her seniority in the industry alone commands a certain degree of respect.

I do kind of wish Jill would consider hiring a PR firm to teach her to be more like her. As she starts doing more interviews like this, she will get the opportunity to do more. PR seems to be a cycle either going up or down. She comes off as being a little uncomfortable with uncripted answers. The nervous laughter is a little too noticeable in my personal opinion.

JW has become a voice of the industry and I believe that carries with it a responsibilty. Kudos to Ms. Whalen.


I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, but I'm guessing no PR firm could teach me to not just be myself.

I think Bob, you may be referring to the differences between the written me and the spoken me. They are very different as I'm much more comfortable writing then speaking. Much more comfy at my 'puter keyboard hanging at forums with other virtual people then mingling with human beings in real life!

I've learned to merge the two sides of my personality a bit more over there years since I've been speaking at conferences, but I'm quite sure I could never listen to someone teaching me how to put on a good public face (not laugh or whatever). It's just not in me. I y'am what I y'am.

>> I'm much more comfortable

>> I'm much more comfortable writing then speaking

oh my, ME TOO heh..!

oh my, ME TOO heh..!

I thought the interview quite well done. I guess most of us who sit at the computer all day are less inclined to speak publically, but that doesn't mean it can't be done and done well. I listened to the one with Mr. Tabke and thought that he sounded quite nervous. Not that it was a bad interview.

Isn't that why all of us got into SEO?

So we could make good $$$ sitting at home in our underwear?

What do ya think, is the average Threadwatcher more or less social than the average Slashbot?

But yes, Well done Ms. Whalen.

Good Interview

Jill did a great job in the interview and sounded knowledgeable and in some ways humble. It seemed like an impromptu interview, so I can understand any nervousness that someone can go through if they aren't used to it.

Not to knock Chris's interview skills, but I hope these are not planned interviews. The questions seem to really get off topic sometimes (this includes his other interview with Brett Tabke) and more high school journalist than anything. I guess if I was interviewing some big names in the SEM industry, I'd be asking more business related questions and picking their minds.

It was totally impromptu

I had no clue what he was planning to ask. I have no problem answering pretty much any SEO question out there on the spot, but when he threw me for a loop with unrelated stuff...well...he threw me for a loop! (He was going to cut those though...guess I better listen now to hear for myself.)

Thanks all for the nice words above!

So we could make good $$$ sitting at home in our underwear?

You know it! :)

I was really disappointed..

I was hoping to get more tips on real estate.

Real Estate Tip

I was hoping to get more tips on real estate.

Buy low, sell high! :)

I was hoping to get more tips on real estate.

Pick a niche market.

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