Google Office - A Web Based Office Suite Built on AJAX

Jesse Andrews alterted me me to an interesting, but as of yet, vapourware project called AJAXOffice. The intention is to build an entire Office suite with AJAX. What it lacks, is server space of course, if it's web based, then the filesystem should be web based also - and that's where Google or Yahoo! could theoretically come in...

Imagine that? Further to earlier thoughts on Google as an OS, picture an entirely web based office suite, with full on, tag categorized personal storage - to say it would be STICKY, would be a gross understatement...


Google Office

Can we get a new story to repeat and wish were true ? I am getting sick of this one.


The web based office is here - just in bits and pieces and needs to be gathered up and tidied. seems to be a good starting point - I must confess I havent used it in anger but a CMS with FCKEditor seems like a damned good start - stick LDAP on that ....
Theres several thousand web based mail applications
Use open standards for doc storage ( I think html might just count)

Kino, at this point an AJAX

Kino, at this point an AJAX based office app is premature and IMO the infrastructure is not ready yet

Yes that was where I agreed with you in my post by stating that er...this is premature and the infrastructure is not ready yet ;)

Kino, at this point an AJAX

Kino, at this point an AJAX based office app is premature and IMO the infrastructure is not ready yet - We all know what will happen to products released ahead of its time !

I would agree at the moment

I would agree at the moment Gopi, but I can easily see the day when reliable 50MB/sec connections are commonplace. At that point there will be no difference on the performance speeds of a desktop and network version. Also as a ex-sys admin I can appreciate that desktop installations are incredibly inefficient compared to network installations. Central updates and software upgrades, offsite backup, ‘hot-desking’ from any terminal - it's a strong contender once the infrastructure catches up.

AJAX or whatever web

AJAX or whatever web technology of the day -its never going to match the speed/responsivness of a desktop program .I am tired of all this "network is the computer" stuff !.

If google seriously wants to attack Microsft's biggest cash cow ,it should develop/release a downloadable office suite with maybe a backend web storage .

This story tallies well with

This story tallies well with the findings in that e-book released by Infonortics today. The author there states that Google has the ability to release an office suite to compete with MS.


It could well kick some serious arse. I have no doubt that Google would love to do this just to break Microsofts strangle hold. It would be a serious serious undertaking to do a fully featured office suite but how many people use 100% of the features anyway? If it is good enough for my mum and dads purposes I reckon it would be a killer app.