Hilarious! Top 5 Reasons to Launch Google Talk

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Top 5 Reasons to Launch Google Talk
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Jupiters Joseph Laszlo proves that even analysts have a sense of humour with his Top 5 Reasons to Launch Google Talk

5. Larry and Sergey got tired of yelling across the office at one another.

4. Skype’s profit margins just too tempting to pass up.

3. Felt they just hadn’t confused the market sufficiently in the past couple of days.

2. Google doesn't know you intimately enough just reading your e-mail and peeking at what kind of naughty pictures you search for.

1. Wanted yet another communication channel via which to refuse to talk to CNET.


Ads on Talk!

Here's another concept, scary but not out of the question: Google start adsense in the chat window based around your conversation.
For example they have it for Gmail based around mail conversation, what if they picked out certain words in a discussion and targeted adsense at this. You are suddenly in a chat with a colleague and you start talking about the new car you want. Adsense pops-ups on the chat box with an ad for the new Lexus.
Would they be that cheeky?

They said they won't

read your chat and supply contextuals

but of course, msn for example shows ads at the bottom of an IM window. And Google IM knows your G-mail account. And your fellow chat-ees g-mail account. So they know what both g-mail accounts tend to show ads for and what you're most likely to chat about.

Targeted ads would be very easy I'd think.

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