Small is beautiful

In this article: "Small is beautiful websites - a zero-base approach to website architecture" the authors have devised a formula for calculating how useful additions to web pages are, starting from a Zero Base that is..

The results probably confirm what is already known but I liked the title of the article.

factors taken into the equation were:

  • Benefits with human visitors (H)
  • Benefits with search engines (S)
  • Any disadvantages (treated as negative benefits) (D)
  • Management effort (M)
  • Technical effort (T)

This order probably confirms most people's assessment of the priority. Some may be surprised to see the blog coming so high but it is a most powerful way of gaining search engine visibility if sufficient content can be developed on a continuing basis

and as a proponent for what works for the users also works for the engines I liked this, I like anything that adheres to the KISS principle mostly!

Small Is Beautiful was a powerful concept in thinking about national economies and the same principle can be applied to website architecture. It is linked to the KISS principle.



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Suzy, thank you. I have fun with my blog, really. It means a lot to me to hear that somebody enjoys reading it :)

And Barry ...

I have to thank you for mentioning my Designer Jones blog. I found the link from your site just earlier in my logs.

Your site looks good, by the way. I see you've gone to full CSS. Nice.

Thank you all

Thanks for the kind words, Suzy, Kim and Nick. It's all somewhat of a coincidence as far as the timing of this article goes. These ideas had been coalescing as such ideas do. Then just when I was about to publish this, Jakob Nielsen wrote the two Alertbox items that were addressing the same theme. Immediately after it appeared, Gerry McGovern published an article that deals with the same topic. I guess it shows that KISS is always in vogue.

Always enjoy Barry's stuff -

Always enjoy Barry's stuff - but was not (untill now) subscribed to his site.

Thanks Suzy, and Kim!

Author name

is Barry Welford, from Strategic Marketing Montreal, and a moderator at Cre8asiteforums.

And, I agree! Barry's article is very good. I linked to it in my blog the other day because I felt he (and it) deserved to take a bow :)

thanks Kim

for clarifying Barry's name for me (sorry Barry), you've discovered my weakness already, I'm nae good with names.

I probably found the article via your site in the first place, Kim, I frequent your blog a lot, and will likely be linking to it often. You are quite right it does deserve a bow :)