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Yep, here come another! The realy good thing about YADL threads are that they're not quite so mind numbingly boring as seeing 50% of a forums recent posts page filled up with individual desperate webmasters jockeying for position and submissions to their directories.

This one over at SEOZip only contains a couple we've not linked to before but has a nice little nugget tucked in the middle in the shape of Anthony Parsons' Directorylist.org. He's plonked it in the BETA forum at SEW also if you're interested. - I do wish nandini would do somthing about the awfully long signatures in her new forum hint hint...

On the subject of SEW, this directory list came up in this thread just this morning and looks more than a little interesting I think you'll agree.


Wow that last one is crazy

Wow that last one is crazy, it will take me forever to go through that.

Isnt it just?

Loads of good stuff in there eh? could keep a bloke busy for hours lol...

Just a quickie folks: Let's not have all those directory lists repeated again in here thanks. Personal link drops if relevant are usually ok but in this case those threads really do contain a *lot* of those :-)


Forum Directories

For forum owners, theres a nice little list growing at seochat just for you...


Now have you submitted TW to all those?

Is it even technically a forum? Just wondering :)


Well, no. I've not submitted TW anywhere actually :)

I've made a 'site suggestion' to researchbuzz who were kind enough to do a small write up on us and i recently did the same at another research site (cant honestly remember where..) but other than that no...

>technically a forum

It's been described as:

  • a forum
  • a blog
  • an seo meta forum
  • full of BS

im not certain which one fits best lol :-)

Is BS short for 'blog spam'? :)

All of the above

(Except 'full of BS'. It's not 'full of BS' - it's 'full of helpful information, with a bit of BS')

It mainly serves as a meta forum for me, but I get the feeling it serves as different things to different people.

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