Weblogs Inc. has McDonalds Pay Rates for Bloggers

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Weblogs Inc. has McDonalds Pay Rates for Bloggers
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Duncan from the Blog Herald is posting an article about the payrates at Weblogs Inc.

According to the contract, writers for Slashfood are paid $500 USD per month and are expected to write '125 monthly blog posts, along with monitoring of comments, responding to readers in comments, and deleting offensive comments. Posts under the goal of 125 will be pro-rated at $4.00 per post

So lets do the math at 125 posts divided by 30 days that's a little over 4 posts a day. At 4 posts a day thats a whopping $16 dollars a day. Lets assume you're really good and you can crank out all 4 in an hour, you're pulling in a whole $16 an hour. Add in time spent monitoring, responding and deleting comments and the hourly rate of the guy asking '... do you want fries with that?' is probably higher you.

I've heard there were bonuses involved for high traffic and generating revenue, lets hope so since the guy running the show is on his way to making a million dollars a year.


If these bloggers were worth

If these bloggers were worth a damn and had anything of any real value to say, they could make a lot more than $500/month working for themselves.

And I don't get the whole Calacanis Million Dollar Baby bragging thing. The overhead to gross that revenue makes it a very disingenuous suggestion. I know plenty of small publishing houses that do a helluva lot better on the net income side and don't have Google's super-secret manual intervention.

I guess I better get away from Nick's anti-blogpuppy podium before he sees me.

I have mixed feelings on this one

On one hand, this is hardly a case of true exploitation, IMHO. It's not like folks have moved to a new city, put their earthly possessions on a wagon or boat, and gone to some place desperate for opportunities (and can't leave once they get there). No one is going to report these folks to the INS if they quit. None of them are being subjected to dangerous, unsafe working conditions. So -- for those that I've seen around the net snickering "sweatshop!" -- cool it.

The bloggers that enter into these contracts know, I'd assume, exactly what they're getting into, and so there's full knowledge and consent here. It's also possible that they're being enjoying a rev share or (as has been suggested above), a veritably promising bonus of sorts, though I haven't read through the contracts personally.

If not? Then I don't know what's worse... greed on one side or stupidity on the other. But I just don't think we have enough facts to know either way, nor do I think we should be offering pity / sympathy / etc. to folks who aren't really being exploited.

Here's another

Here's another perspective...

In my mind, it's a melting pot of robots cranking out work product in a content-for-Adsense business plan. And Jason deserves credit for that. Maybe one day when I get bored, I'll incentivize every housewife in Bangalore to crank out a blog on debt consolidation, throw some Adsense on there, and start Gulfstream shopping.

My point is this...good journalists write for nearly $4/word. Great content providers upsell and brand their ideas somehow. The market seeks out these players and rewards them. If in ten years, more than a dozen of the hundreds upon hundreds of Weblogs, Inc writers has gone on to capitalize on their readership, I will eat this laptop. One could make the case that arbitrary bloggers that are willing to work for this kind of compensation package probably aren't that great. So, you have voluminous blogging from subpar content producers acting as a loss leader to advertising. I mean, Tom Clancy isn't exactly going to bring the heat for Weblogs, Inc. anytime soon. An army of "Who's that?" writers who will turnover once they realize the economics of the situation is not a viable business model in the publishing world. It never has been. The only thing sustaining it right now is the "search engine traffic for Adsense" arbitrage.

Web publishing will evolve. Can Weblogs, Inc?

What’s wrong with the maths?

If SE did not give blogs any weight in the grand scheme then most blogs would fold tommorow. They are worth pennies aprt from TW and a few others...


I dont understand this

I dont understand this his bragging either - He employs 103 bloggers and 9 staff members and he is grossing 1 Mil USD/yr ? - My neighborhood dry cleaners shoud have a better ROI than this :)

Wakeup Jason - There are many blackhat spammers & adword arbitragers who make that much without a single staff in payroll

Comparing apples and oranges

> There are many blackhat spammers & adword arbitragers
> who make that much without a single staff in payroll

Yeah, well, there are bank robbers and Nigerian scammers and such who make more money than I do consulting, but that doesn't mean *I* am doing something wrong.

I don't have a prob with AdWords arbitragers per se, but as for the spammers... well, you already know what I think about them. The amount of money they make, at least for comparison purposes, is immaterial to the theme of this thread.

Just to clear up a couple of

Just to clear up a couple of misconceptions.

Dear Jason isn't grossing anything like 1 million from adsense, what he has said that if he takes his best ever day and multiplies it by 365 he would. On the same intellectual level if my auntie had bollocks she would be my uncle.

Adam, last I checked banking robbing and fraud were illegal, building web pages was not. You do your arguement a diservice by comparing the two.

You have a semi-point

First, I was railing more about comment-spamming (which more directly harms folks, IMHO) rather than SE spamming, though both practices are obnoxious, IMHO.

I notice, however, you didn't address the crux of my criticism... that tweaking Jason for what he's earning by comparing it to black-hat stuff is rather silly.

So, fine, let's compare Jason's efforts against, say, folks repeatedly flying loud planes with ad banners over a funeral or a high school graduation. Probably not illegal, but sure as hell annoying, disruptive, and -- sadly -- likely to garner press, brand recognition, and even sales.

Personally, i don't think

Personally, i don't think comparing weblogs inc to anything black or white does much good - it's not about that.

If i owned 80+ websites, i'd be VERY embarrassed at those financials. Having said that though, are we not missing the point that Adense is only one part of his overall profit?

>Having said that though,

>Having said that though, are we not missing the point that Adense is only one part of his overall profit?

If he was taking any money worth talking about from other avenues I gaurantee he would be talking about it.

fair point

fair point

Then only thing i recall seeing was that sony ( i think ) payed him $25K to sponsor lifehacker - not sure for what time period...

Lifehacker is a Gawker

Lifehacker is a Gawker property, the Gizmodo guys.

dammit, THAT's why i should

dammit, THAT's why i should be in bed rather than posting drivel...


Alternative Income Streams

He hasn't been as revealing with the numbers, but I know he has advertising money coming from sources other than adsense.

At 4 posts a day thats a

At 4 posts a day thats a whopping $16 dollars a day. Lets assume you're really good and you can crank out all 4 in an hour, you're pulling in a whole $16 an hour.

I think many of us post way more on forums for free, so $16 an hour might sound pretty damn good to those types of people as a little extra beer money.

Most likely, those people would be doing it elsewhere for free, so why not sign up for a paying gig?

Hmm... non-monetary rewards

There's also the interesting issue of someone who is a consultant who, say, gets huge fees per engagement... and for whom the visibility of having a prominent blog as part of an 'empire' of blogs might net an extra gig every month or two. That, it itself, could be a hefty reward of sorts.

I don`t think Jason will be

I don`t think Jason will be paying $4 or $5 per post to all their writers. Its more of a mutual consent between Jason and the bloggers to agree with WIN agreement or not. If a writer/blogger deserves more or feel he needs more he can surely opt out.

I agree with NFFC thats really stupid comparing Jason biz model with bank robbing and other things.

Anyone thought

The authors of those blogs might not be in it for direct financial compensation?

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