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A friend of mine asked me yesterday if i knew of anything even remotely resembling a serious examination of what it takes to rank in Yahoo! - I was at a complete loss, so thought I'd throw this one out there and see if we can't build up a few links to good Yahoo! SEO resources.

Well, anyone got a link?



I'm sure Aaron will cover that

do everything you can to get dropped by Google...

.. and you'll probably find yourself doing real well in Yahoo!

Get a Yahoo! directory

Get a Yahoo! directory listing.

pay someone within yahoo to

pay someone within yahoo to add you to their ever grawing manuely adjusted SERPs

I have something of an oldie

I have something of an oldie here: Optimising for Yahoo!.

I've not updated it since, but it's worth underlining that Yahoo! is probably the most link friendly of the big three - seems they're keeping to a sensible middle-ground on evaluating links in consideration with other factors, rather than the excessive distrustfulness of Google, and excessive on-page love of MSN.

Also, Yahoo!'s claims of referencing meta-tags is definitely interesting - more so because it appears they will actually still rank a site based on information only present in meta description and keyword tags:

This site recommends no more than 15 keywords in tags:

get links with the right

get links with the right anchor text? Is it that hard?

I think it was around the

I think it was around the time that Yahoo added the PPC onto their paid inclusion program (maybe March 2004) one of their resellers listed definative guidelines on how to create metatags that will work well on Yahoo. I use them, and they work great. I had to dig up the content. Here they are:


Then another resource from Overture Site Match is here:


Again not a very pretty layout, but that is what they published at the time.

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