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MSN Beta Testing Redesigned Home Page
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eeeeeeeeow! Struth and buggery, will you cop a load of THAT - Ok, so im on Firefox and have my fonts set to a minimum of 14px but bloody hell, there's a hell of a lot of work left to do on that beastie...

Thanks to Gary for the pointer, who incidentally, has some more sensible comments on the subject...



Thinks I'm somebody named greasrgrll. I think somebody pushed the wrong button

Looks rough

But it's a start - definitely a step up from what they've currently got once they polish it. It's got the right ideas, for sure.

Yeah, no good in Firefox

...but nice in some odd way in IE, though. I kinda like it - feels uncluttered although it has a lot of links to click on. I think the modest use of graphics (and light color scheme) is the reason for that. (Oh, and I bet they'll make it just as nice in FF sometime.)

The "espanol" link is always

The "espanol" link is always there or is browser based?

On second thought

...even in IE, none of it works, it's just a flat page. It could be because I've disabled everything that looks just a tiny bit like a script. So, I probably don't know how the page really looks anyway... Probably has pictures as well as ads on it.

And what is the meaning of this odd language?

Fun Food to Fly : Mashed potatoes don’t fly well. No pudding in muffins. Ever. Why cornflakes are boring.

WTF! M$ call in the pros for fuc* sakes.

WTF! M$ call in the pros for fuc* sakes. That what happens when your colour blind, abuse drugs and use dodgy technology! Terrible fuc8ing terrible… oh yeah freebie ditch the white text on #CCFF00


that's a draft design someone put on a stupid url - you'd notice that forms were still graphics before you meant to release it publically....

I still like

F' me!! On Firefox that's

F' me!! On Firefox that's not even a beta - but instead a concept that should never be uploaded to the web until after at least a little cross-browser testing.


I like the unrelated text link ads "Find Now: Mortgages & Loans Credit Store" linked to w/o rel=nofollow - I won't buy links from that site.

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