Content - Who Needs It?

I've been trying to read an article by Jeff Jarvis called Who wants to own content? pointed out to me by Linda all day. But you know how these things go, some days are just BUSY. I finally got around to reading it, and it's a killer.

Talking about the way conversation, and enabling rather than disabling the user is the way forward in the new web, Jeff says, amongst many other things:

There is no scarcity of good stuff. And when there is no scarcity, the value of owning a once-scarce commodity diminishes and then disappears. In fact, it’s worse than that: Owning the content factory only means that you have higher costs than the next guy: You own the high-priced talent or infrastructure while your new competitor owns just her own talent and a PC.


So where is the value now? Is there value now? Of course, there is. The value is — thank you, Cluetrain — in the conversation, in the relationship. The value is in trust.

From my own point of view, i couldn't agree more - A walled garden approach to content was great some years back, but even AOL have knocked down those barriers and are thrusting forward with arms wide open to the masses.

Services, and I view TW as a service, need to have structure, guidance, and moderation of the conversation, but you can do all of those things whilst still enabling the discussion rather than stifling it, or in the worst examples, choking the life out of it.


back on topic....

Jeff cites the value in the conversation, which theoretically is fine, but isn't this just more "web2.0" vision thinking? I believe most TW readers are commercially invlved in the web, not just philosophically, and realities matter more than visions in the commerce world.

The conversation is only king while it *can* be trusted. "Embed the media" in you next political action and see what happens to the trustworthiness of the news. "control the venues" and see how much access the trustworthy *little guys* get to the action. "censor the pipelines" and you will learn just how little work people will expend to get to the truth (very, very little by the way).

The article dreams about the conversation yielding power but we still have a very powerful infrastructure that has only ever-so-slightly begun to flex it's muscles. I doubt it will be long before cable companies, telcos, OS vendors, and certain world governments get over their wussy sensitivities and really start playing hardball with all this new fangled communications media stuff. Don't forget it is 2005 and OJ was not guilty, Iraq had WMDs, Creationism is a science, and Google will do no evil.

I certainly did, thanks

I certainly did, thanks again Linda.

This popped up on the TW delicious the other day, i should have included it: 10 steps to a hugely successful web 2.0 company

Most of it is a bit yada yada for some here. But this struck me as cool:

5. Distribute. Distribute. Distribute. Don't force your users to play on your site in a walled garden. Let them take the service and use it wherever they want. (See Flickr badges, Google Ads, Amazon affiliates, Indeed jobrolls, linkrolls, moblogging, RSS, e-mail alerts, etc., etc....) Instead of building it so they will come, go out and get them by placing little bits of your service everywhere on the web. Be where they are.

Knew you would like it

Meant to point that one out to you Nick, glad you found it though. Knew you would enjoy the read, since you are big on community and facilitating communication (instead of choking the life out it!):P As I read that article it reminded me a lot of TW.

The last comment is certainly..

..why I am here now.

thanks :)

Could't agree more on your last words. And I tend to agree on the whole issue just as well.

Nick, you're allowed to have opinions, too

Not everyoe likes WMW. Not everyone hates it. You don't have to keep your feelings buried as far as I am concerned, unless you want to beat me over the head with them repeatedly, time and again, on and on, over and over, after I've gotten the message, and so on and so forth, if you know what I mean.

I came back up to change

I came back up to change that b4 anyone noticed :) but hey, it' been a tough day, and i couldnt resist hehe..

Hilarious last few words

Hilarious last few words there pal :)